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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Zeshan U.

Coupons have no influence on my decisions at all. These little pieces of paper are becoming more and more obsolete. When I get coupons in the mail, not only do I have to keep them, but I also have to make sure they do not expire before I use them. Coupons are a waste of paper and I understand that there are electronic coupons used through phones and such, but still they are unnecessary.

To be honest, I live with several guys and we have all sorts of coupons magnetized on the fridge. All of them expired about a month and a half ago. Why? We never even bothered to look back at them because of how busy we were. By the time I plan to go to Publix or Wing Zone, the coupons already expired. They are a hassle to keep and hold responsible of. Once the coupons are cut from magazines, they are either on the table or in my pocket and easily lost within moments. Plus, environmentalists will probably protest against the mass use of paper for coupons especially when not many people use them. All in all, there are not that any uses for coupons in this certain period of time.

Although they can be useful from time to time, they do not influence my purchasing decisions at all. I go to Publix because I need certain groceries. If the coupons do not help me obtain those certain groceries, I deem them useless. Alternatively, I check out weekly deals instead for Publix and other deals for restaurants. For example, I see an endless shrimp deal at Red Lobster or buy one get one free two liter soda at Publix. Those kinds of deals save me money and keep my budget in check. Having certain items on sale at the time I want to go are essential for me so I do not have to worry about an expiration date and the deal goes on for a while, so I can always take it or not. Anyone can get these deals. Deals and sales are not biased to those who hoard coupons or those who just come by to buy. I do not need coupons to shop for the things, unless I happen to find them useful which would only be some haircut coupons. However, when I need a haircut, I get a haircut regardless of whether I have a coupon or not. Weekly sales and deals are all I need in order to get the same benefit of having coupons. The time invested in cutting out coupons, storing and organizing them, and then ending up not using them because they expired can be used in more important tasks. Just before setting out for shopping, one can look at special deals and sales at that time and plan out the necessary items he or she needs to buy, which would take up about the same time as hoarding coupons or even less. For me, I think we should overthrow the coupon for the alternatives work better for me because I look at some deals, go shopping, and come back all without a hassle. Coupons, on the other hand, provide me with some hassle as I try to find them, read them to find out if they expired, and sometimes they do not work at certain branches of the market I go to.

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As a college student, I weigh my pros and cons wisely. Also, as an out-of-state student, I worry about my budget just as much as I worry about my grades. Time is money and the more time I waste with coupons, the less I save with the coupon itself. Is it really worth the extra time? I do not think so. I think we should recycle the rest of the coupons and get rid of them since finding deals and specials at the time of spending is more efficient. I have a lot to worry about now, and coupons are not one of them.

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