Coupons influence my shopping. Growing up with a single mom, we never really had much income. Besides the monthly child support my father would sometimes pay, my mom did all of the supporting. That being said coupons played an important part in our lifestyle. Growing up, we used coupons all of the time. Mainly at the grocery store but also sometimes at clothing outlets.

To this day my mother still uses coupons. Not only does she use coupons but I do as well. I am a poor student in college so whenever I get money I spare it and uses coupons helps me to save money and put it towards other things that I need. I even found a website that frequently posts online coupons and deals. I’ve been using this website since I was a freshman in high school. That was mainly due to the fact I know my mother couldn’t afford to take care of three kids by herself and be able to always afford what my heart desired.

I was excited to get my first real job at the age of seventeen at a local Dairy Queen. It paid below minimum wage but hey I had great hours and would be working with friends. Working there I got a 50% discount on any food item during my break not to mention free drinks. I also would grab the coupon booklets for me and my mom and my little brothers to use whenever we would go there to eat. You can bet we used those frequently.

Now being an unemployed college student I rely on coupons or any deals to help in purchasing food, snacks, and even school books. The books here are so expensive that this year I was only able to purchase two and rent one. I would’ve rented them all if there were enough to rent but sadly there was not. Luckily for me, during student orientation weekend I received a 15% discount coupon on all school items in the bookstore, this included the books themselves. I used the coupon however, that still left me with barely enough to cover all of my books.

I truly believe if there were more coupons given out on campus, it would make it a lot easier on the kids struggling to pay their tuition and also room and board. Not only that local companies would receive so much more customers if they pushed this idea. So the idea of coupons not only benefits us as students but they also help businesses to thrive. I know that I cannot be the only student or person in general who appreciates the deals we, as consumers, receive from coupons. They help so many people in need.

Currently I am attending college to pursue my degree in Business Administration. I chose this major because I have plans of opening my own salon one day, as I already have my Cosmetology license. When I open my salon I definitely have plans of creating coupons for customers to use on hair services. I want to enforce this because I know there are people struggling to make ends meet. Suppose they want to look special one day, with the use of my coupons they could possibly afford to pay without any problems.

In conclusion, coupons play a huge part in my purchase decisions. If the world wants to thrive, especially in a poverty stricken world, the increase of coupons would definitely be a start. This would help people with low incomes, students, and business owners. I will continue to use coupons in my everyday life. I hope that by reading this you will not only consider me for this scholarship but also know how much coupons influence shopping.

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