Coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. Why? Because money is difficult to earn, but easy to spend. It’s always nice to have some sort of coupons or promotions for me to spend less.

Of course there are time where I would buy something regardless of the price. But there is more times where I would wait for some coupons to come up to use them. Especially for poor college students like myself, I would do anything to save as much as possible. I am always searching for coupons, discount, and promo codes prior to shopping. Sometimes I find myself waiting and waiting to buy some products until I find great coupons or deals. I am signed up for emails for all my favorite brands such as Apple, Sephora, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Ulta, etc.

In my routine of shopping, I tend to wait until great deal. For example, I receive mail from Ulta every month and every mail includes a coupon. I would wait until I receive the mail and go shopping at Ulta. I bought my Macbook Air with approximately $300 discount because I waited until back to school discount. I waited until Nordstrom did price matching for the products I wanted and bought them with 10% off.

Think about Black Friday. People line up in front of BestBuy a few days earlier to buy something cheaper. Sephora website crashes down when they released 20% off coupons for VIBs and VIB Rouges. Some people use multiple coupons at the same time to save more money. Many grocery stores provide coupons that fit customers’ needs. If I buy milk a lot, then some grocery stores would give me coupons for milk.

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A few years back, I saw this video where a woman saved up all the coupons and she bought a ton of groceries at no cost. She had a stack of coupons those actually worked. This is an extreme example, but coupons seriously influence shopping decisions of many people.

Like I just mentioned, coupons influence most people’s purchasing decisions. Nobody wants to pay the full price when there are great coupons out there. When I use coupons at checkout and see the minus sign, I have this great feeling of achievement. Whether it’s that little 5% off or $3.50 off, I still feel good after using those coupons.

Even if I was not planning to buy the product and I see a great coupon for that product, then I might go ahead and purchase the product. It is simple as this. Sometimes coupons lead to “unnecessary” purchasing. However, I never regretted buying “unnecessary” products because ultimately, I saved money.

There are countless websites where I can find great deals, coupons, and promo codes. I visit those websites everyday. My friends tell me about great promotions. I receive coupons by mail or email all the time. I use those coupons and greatly appreciate it.

You cannot find a dollar on the street. You cannot even find a quarter these days. Money is everywhere but money cannot be in everyone’s hands. This is why people including myself are looking for coupons to spend as less as possible.

Since most of my friends are in college, they do exactly the same thing. They are always looking for coupons and promo codes. Not just students, I see my parents and older people looking for coupons all that time. I believe age, gender, race, and any other categories do not matter when it comes to saving money.

Money is difficult to earn, so I am continuously looking for the best and most effective ways to spend less. Even though using coupons can mean waiting, lining up, and patience, I will still be in search for great coupons and great deals. At school or work, minus sign means you did something wrong, but in shopping world, minus sign means you did a great job.