When shopping, do you shop for retail price or when the item is on sale? A few people don’t mind the price and shop for retail prices. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget you wait for sales, discounts, clearance and coupons. Retail prices can be extremely insignificant for items such as shoes for $60.00. Coupons and discounts influence my purchasing decisions as a college student.

Being a college student means independency and purchasing your own goods. No more mom and dad buying what you need; if they do, you are a lucky individual. College is extremely expensive, it makes a student think twice about all the purchases they make, even if it’s groceries. You have to determine if the brand food is any different from the store’s brand. If there is a school supply that you need, you usually browse the internet to check where the item is cheaper. This method also goes for clothing as well. Personally being a woman you want to wear the latest trend. But even the latest trend is expensive, what I personally do is I receive e-mails and coupons; I tend to see how much they are and what is it that I really need. For example, a 20% discount isn’t much for a $79.99 purchase. For clothing women usually say, “I have nothing to wear” this statement is false, it just means “I have clothes that I don’t want to wear and I need to buy new clothes.” Coupons that say 30% off with a purchase of $50 or more, you have to think twice and really say “Is it worth buying?” Truth is, if the dress cost $19.99, and you check later on the week and they tell you 50% off if you buy it today, you will only pay $9.99 for that dress that you wanted. You saved half your money. I use my coupons and discounts wisely towards my purchases, I usually observe how much the discount is and how much is the total with the shipping and tax will be. Sometimes the shipping is more than what the items cost and that’s when you determine, “Do I need it or want it?” There are websites that send you coupons of buy one get one free. Think about the item; if you buy it individually would the item, cost the same or would there be a difference?  As well as when I shop online I always look for the items that are on “clearance” I stare at the item and think if I really need it or will I use it for the future.

A college student who is on budge always has to make wise decisions. Coupons are a great help! Coupons and discounts are usually what makes people want to shop or can even afford and item. According to Access Loyalty Blog they state “92% of consumers use coupons” on the website RetailMeNot. RetailMNot is a website of coupon or an app that is paper less and on your phone. Sometimes if you just say the promotion code they will discount you in-store. This just shows how much coupons and phone applications really help us customers, buy our needs.

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