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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Werlhens F.

Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions…why, or why not?

Coupons are a great method and way of saving money when buying items. They have become a common habit for people to search for coupons on things before buying and item especially with the living conditions now a days and the situation of our economy couponing has become a must to save money now. Prices for everything has gone up while we the middle class people are still getting paid the same amount of money in our salary.

Coupons have influenced my shopping decisions over the years. Every time when I’m looking at an item to buy I first check to see if there is a coupon or sale available for it. Trying to save money is the best method for living life. every one coupons. I coupons are the holidays when you have to get people presents and gifts. that’s a big coupons season. I also coupon when I go grocery shopping. At Bj’s they always give their customers water tank coupons if you have two gallons of water. I also coupons when summer or winter season is approaching . When I have to buy new tank top and shorts for the beach in the summer I always take the stores coupon book for Macy, Hollister or TJ Max and look for the best possible deal I cloud find. When the winter season is approaching I use coupons to get the best possible deal for coats, jackets, gloves, scarfs and anything else I need for that season.

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Coupons really becomes big during the holiday season when Christmas hits and you have to buy everybody you knows gifts. When you have about five aunts and uncles and about 10 different cousins that you have to get something couponing really comes in handy. when you have a lot of represent to buy and a certain amount of money to spend it becomes a must. last year for Christmas I only spend about 300 dollars on gifts with the help of my couponing skills. Instead more money I saved about 200 dollars on gifts for my family and friends. I usually spend those coupons mostly on clothes, lotions, shampoos. The basic small accessories that they use for everyday life.

Its safe to say that coupons influence everybody decision making when buying something. if you are buying a new pair of shoes and one shoe is a Nike made shoe and another one is a Reebok made shoe that . I can honestly say that coupons have also bought me the better product then just buying an expensive item because of its name brand. My grandma has a saying that “if its cheaper its better”. “You are basically getting the same the only difference is people care about the name wither its popular or not”. She was right most of the time. For example say if your buying a brand new pair of shoes and one is 25 dollars more but the Reebok’s cost 130 dollars and u had a coupon for the Reebok’s for twenty percent off. You would choose the Reebok cause its cheaper and still is a good pair of shoes to wear. Now a days when we shop we just look for the high name brands that make us look cool and expensive because it’s a certain name.

Couponing has not only influenced my shopping strategic but it has forced me to created a method to saving more when doing other things and activities. I don’t want to call myself a cheap skate now but I can I am a smarter buyer. Before I couponed I used go just go out and just buy whatever I wanted regardless of what was on the price tag. I bought a 1300 dollar mac book computer when I cloud have just gotten a 300 dollar Acer laptop that can do the same time. I use to care about the expensive stuff because of the name brand shoes and clothes. I used to be an animal shopping not caring how much money I spend as long as I got what I wanted. Over the time I realized it started hurting my wallet. I was having less and less money in my account and had to work more hours to get the money back. so now when I shop I look for stuff on sale or in the clearance section. Before I do I will go and check to see if they have any coupons for their items.

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