Coupons have the capability of taking the edge off of a grocery bill for a family of five, or any family at all. It makes school or christmas shopping just a little bit easier, and everyone knows that every bit helps.
Coupons’ influence my family’s purchasing decisions because any break in a recovering economy is a welcome one.

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“Couponing” is an operation in our family. It starts with my great grandmother and grandmother collecting coupons from the newspaper, using what they need from them, and passing it on to my family. Every time we get the bag filled with coupons, we sit down, and sift through the piles to determine the best deals we can get. This is only a portion of the work,mind you. Once the paper coupons are dealt with, we then sort out the coupons we get from the mail and email for various stores we frequently shop. The coupons that we don’t use, but another family member can, are sent back through the line.

Though my family doesn’t go to the extremes of something like extreme couponing, we certainly do take advantage as best we can the coupons we receive. My family motto is to never pay full price for something, and we try our hardest to follow the sentiment. It helps us financially breathe a little easier. If that is what helps my parents sleep a little better, then I have no problem pulling out a pair of scissors and doing my share of cutting. A little inconvenience of putting some time into something like
cutting out coupons is worth the positive outcome. Just remember to check the expiration dates!!!