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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Veronica G.

I love to shop. As a consumer, I take my shopping seriously, because I want to be able to gain something without sacrificing a lot of money. Most people would agree with me, because I think that nowadays everyone is looking to save money here and there. So, I’m glad to say that coupons influence my decision-making when it comes to shopping.

I smile whenever I see a coupon for a store that I love to shop at. Coupons would usually come to me through my email’s inbox or in my mailbox through the Post Office.  Upon receiving the coupons, the advertising sucks me in and hooks me with their amazing deals. Whenever I see the words “[number]% off regularly-priced items” or “buy one, get one free” for a store that I’m dying to go to, I can’t help but grab my purse and take advantage of that money-spending opportunity. I know when coupons are valuable and legitimate, because I would check the expiration date and the manufacturer before using.

Shopping is the fun part. Whenever I go shopping, I would usually take my coupons with me. If there’s stuff that I need like food and supplies, there’s no excuse for me to not take advantage of the great deals that my coupons have to offer. Plus, if I’m shopping for miscellaneous things like shoes, clothing, and accessories, I still take advantage of opportunities that are printed on coupons. Sometimes, stores like the supermarket would bend over backwards to have coupons hanging all over the place, so that the customers can take one and use them at checkout, which is a great idea, because who doesn’t want to save money on groceries? Such convenience is beneficial for shoppers like me.

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Coupons were already a part of my life, because I’m a college student at University of the Incarnate Word. As a student, I’m always aware of my budget. I’m a person that always looking to save money so that I could pay for college tuition, textbooks, and meals at school. So, saving money with coupons would be rewarding.

Some people would bash a person for taking forever in the checkout line, because they have so many coupons to use on their items. For me, I don’t mind whenever I see such a person in front of me taking a good while in the checkout line, because you can’t really blame a person for trying to save money in an economy where it can either rise and fall, and consumers wouldn’t know about it until it hits the news. Besides, all the cashier does when you present a coupon is just scan it with their scanner, and then tell you the new amount that you owe at the register. Therefore, I feel that it’s no big deal.

Also, some people would complain about getting cramps in their hands from cutting out coupons. For me, that’s not a problem, because I know my body’s limits so that I can stop cutting when necessary; and plus, I usually prefer coupons that I can print out on the computer from my email. Either way, for a shopper like me, coupons are worth collecting.

As far as my shopping decisions go, I will always turn to coupons. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I didn’t use a coupon. Coupons can be real money-savers, if one knows when and how to use them. Even if I save a small sum of money on a purchase by using a coupon, that’s still okay, because the small sums would eventually add up to bigger savings. I don’t care if I get cramps in my hand from cutting out coupons from a magazine or newspaper; and I don’t care if people bash me for taking forever at the register, because I have coupons to show to the cashier. I still wouldn’t want to miss out on money-saving opportunities.

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