About a few months ago, I watched an episode of “Extreme Couponing”, the TLC show about people who make it their life’s mission to use coupons for everything they buy. In all honesty, the show did weird me out just slightly, but it also had me thinking. Should I continue to pay full price for everything or should I start using coupons for all my purchases?

So, then I began clipping coupons in the hope that I would save a bunch of money, like the people on “Extreme Couponing”. However, I wasn’t as successful as I thought I would be and actually ended up spending more money than I should have. For example, one day I found a coupon for a bottle of Jergen’s lotion that would help me save $1.50. However, this was not much of a deal because a typical bottle of Jergen’s lotion at Wal-Mart costs around $5. The coupon would knock the price down to $3.50, which was still more expensive than the store brand lotion, which was only $2.19.

Coupons do not influence my purchasing decisions because the only coupons available are the ones for name brand products, like Jergen’s, Neutrogena, and other products. As a college student who is on a budget, purchasing name brand products can often drain my finances and is a last option. A majority of the times that I go shopping for basic essentials, like hygiene and hair products, I always look at generic or store brands first. If these products are cheaper and still have the desired effects, then I will purchase them. If it is a product that I have to buy name brand, like the many hair products I use for my hair, then I will buy it, regardless if I have a coupon for that product or not.

Another example would be the time I bought clothing off Wet Seal’s website. As a college student, I often do not have the time to go to the mall to buy clothing, so I often buy them online. One day, I bought clothing from Wet Seal because they were advertising a 60 percent off sale. I thought that with all the deals they were offering, I would be able to buy all that I needed for under $50. However, they made up for the difference in sales price by tacking on additional state taxes, shipping, and handling fees.

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