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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Unique C.

Coupons are very influential on my purchasing decisions. It influences where I shop, what I eat, and definitely how I spend my money. When looking and thinking about buying something, everyone is liable to look for a money saving route, if it’s available. I see people in the stores everyday with coupons trying to get the benefit of their coupons at all times. I am one of them. Even a small percentage to pay less is what everyone goes for when it comes to purchasing items.  Coupons may take time to save money but saving money takes time.

Coupons are very meaningful to me, why, the definition says it all. A coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. A discount is what all people love because it’s in regards to their benefit and personal gain. Such as myself, because of coupons, whenever I go grocery shopping I start looking on my coupon for options of what I should eat. Some weeks I’ll eat simple meals and some weeks I’ll eat greater meals. My coupons really influence my plans when I’m having breakfast, lunch and dinner. It influences whether I eat eggs, sausages, or cereal for breakfast. It influences whether I have a ham, chicken or turkey sandwich for lunch. It even influences whether I will eat roast beef, steak or baked chicken for dinner. My meals are even influenced depending on when my food expires and when my coupons expire.

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I read in an article that stated coupons are becoming a popular shopping trend. This is credited to the Great American recession.  Many people now a day take advantage of saving money and it influences where you shop apprehensively. Some stores won’t allow coupons; others encourage coupons for more customers. I like to shop at Publix with my coupons because it’s closer; sometimes I walk a mile to Winn Dixie. It all depends on the coupon and its percentages off. Sometimes the stores I go to are more expensive than other stores depending on which store my coupon is for. I rely on my coupons to determine where I will grocery shop week by week. Sometimes my coupons even take me to new locations I never been before, like Bravo or Walmart. Where I don’t usually shop, it’s always a wonderful experience.

Furthermore, as I put my groceries on the conveyer belt at the stores and the cashier cashes my money, I am delighted to get 80% off when it could have been full price 100 dollars. That deducts 80 dollars to just 20 dollars which is a pretty good deal. Based on my coupons I spend less money than usual and it gets very addicting to use coupons. I look at prices differently, I look at different things in the store and I shop depending on my coupon. Coupons take time to manage depending on what you’re getting and I usually tear out what I either will try, what I enjoy and what anyone in my house will enjoy with the coupon.

In conclusion, where I go to shop is highly influenced by my coupons. It does not matter where but it does matter how far. I will take all the discounts I can get no matter if it changes the meals I eat daily. Sometimes I will go to another store before my preferred choice depending on the expiration date of my coupons. The discount saves you lots of cash. Just think of how I saved with an 80% discount all because of my coupons. I use coupons and I get to buy way more substantial things with the money I save up all the time. Some stores even give me more coupons all because I use their coupons. It really does change the way you shop, the cheaper the better.

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