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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Tylor C.

Coupons, coupons, coupons. There are many great things about these pieces of paper. In terms of buying power, they can really increase what you get out from what you put in financially. Regardless, I don’t feel as if they always affect my buying decisions. When there’s the best products out there, there’s always that urge to buy them at that moment, even if they have the potential to drop in price or have a coupon to lower the price. I’ll take a coupon if it saves me money but i’m not sure I ever really go looking for them. Therefore, penultimately they don’t affect my decision to buy something. We’re all guilty of buying things that maybe we shouldn’t. It’s that urge to have that product at that moment in time, that almost keeps me oblivious to the opportunity of a reduced price. Call it human instinct, call it human nature, call it what you like, your lost for an explanation of why you need this right now. You always think, “Well, maybe I could wait.” or “Maybe I could save money by not buying this.” Either way you dissolve all reason for your lust for the next big thing. Coupon or not, reduced price or not, I’m still going to buy this product. I guess it’s more in terms of moral authority for me, on whether you buy something or not. Decisions for buying things for myself always pertain to whether it’s the right or wrong thing to do. Even so, my moral authority often heads in the direction of buying something new. Besides, we always love something new right? We seem to covet our possessions at times, even too much at some points, and the decision to buy something hasn’t been changed by the price, but rather if this is a necessity. It is based on whether I need this next big thing now, or whether I can honestly go on with my life emotionally or physically without this.  It can even get pathetic sometimes. My moral authority seems to malfunction and I just buy with the urges I feel. I don’t pay too much attention to prices at times, but I’m still smart about my spending. I never spend more than I have, but keeping more saved than spent can pose a problem at times. It can become habitual to spend a lot, and detrimental to my money saving habits. It’s almost as if my life could be a spending spree, with no rule on how much I can spend on a single product. If I need it now, I won’t wait for that coupon to come out. That will play in the back of my mind and even possibly come back to haunt me, but at that moment i feel the urge, or the moral authority to purchase that certain thing. I like to spend wisely and I often do. Life is not always about money but whether you plan your spending according to the budget you have. Setting certain limits to my spending ability tends to help the urge to buy anything or everything at will. Money can make or break you, and spending wisely can even be better than finding a coupon or two for something you might need. You could potentially be spending more with the use of a coupon on another product than maybe buying an alternative that is very inexpensive. Also, that security of having coupons to lower the price can give rise to an even more lustful search to buy products. This could have you spending more than you are able to spend, which could have negative percussions. I guess that’s why I don’t let coupons affect my purchasing decisions. If I carefully craft a plan of attack when I need to go buy a couple things, I can make moral authority trump the money-saving capabilities that coupons have, if I focus on what I really require and on whether this will really be a useful investment. So overall, I don’t tend to really let coupons affect my decision to buy something. I usually stick to my gut and even more so, my moral authority.

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