Coupons are very influential in today’s industries. Personally, coupons are not used quite often in my family purchases. When I go to the store I usually just grab, pay and go. I never really focused too hard on the concept of coupons. I know for a fact that they save abundance amount of money on a purchase if you use them properly. I am currently working at a Commissary near where I live. I bag groceries for customers and I can honestly say that coupons are used a lot in every day shopping. I’ve been working here for a few years now and I have seen coupons save up to hundreds of dollars for some customers. Some would come in with a book, organized and everything with coupons. Some even had them in alphabetical order. It got to the point where I was even interested in using coupons myself. Seeing how much they save people money, caught my attention. I started to use them here and there but I couldn’t grasp the use of them. At the Commissary they started a new way of using coupons. We had a “Rewards Card” which is basically where you would register and download coupons online to this card. Once you came in with the card they would slide it through and all the coupons would come off of your purchase. It was actually really neat seeing the process and it has gotten more people to frequently use coupons.  I guess you can say it’s similar to online source for free coupons.  I did notice that using coupons results in buying more supplies and food items than needed. That’s probably where people question coupons. You end up getting so much for so little amount and it’s just overwhelming. Also coupons are usually on items that you don’t necessarily need a lot of. This is very convenient but some items are not needed 24/7. I love the fact that coupons do save money and are very helpful, but it’s much of a hassle. That’s the main reason I don’t use coupons daily because it takes a lot of time. Shoppers usually don’t want to go through the whole process of finding coupons and organizing; whereas other shoppers don’t have a problem with that. The only barrier that I see that prevents me from using coupons would be the challenge of finding the coupons on products that I need and buying much more than I should.  Coupons are very influential and do save money. They are available everywhere you go and open up a cheaper way of shopping. While I’m shopping I don’t necessarily look for items that have coupons stuck to it. But more shopping for things I need and if there is a coupon with it then I’m in luck. I did notice that some items have coupons on it but it directs you to buy a whole different product just to get a dollar off. No, I don’t really ever hinge on the possession of a coupon for an item. It doesn’t seem to affect me that strongly. I do give props to people who do smartly use coupons and are successful on saving money. I strongly recommend anyone to use coupons because they do help. I feel the need that I should start using coupons more often once I stop being so lazy while shopping. I’m sure that there will be more ways to use coupons in the future. As you can see they have already created online ways to make using coupons easier.

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In conclusion, coupons are not a part of my purchasing routine, and the process of using them prevents me from using coupons while shopping. My decision to purchase a product doesn’t hinge over the possession of a coupon for an item. After writing this paper and looking and the pros and cons of using coupons I can say that I probably will be using more coupons in the near future. I realize how helpful they are and despite the fact you purchase a lot it does save quite a bit of money for people.