Do coupons influence my purchase decisions?  Coupons definitely determine my purchasing decisions and for a few reasons. One of the main reasons it affects my purchasing decisions is because I’m a college student and I’m a college student whose funds are scarce. I will focus on where coupons are the handiest to me and that is with food. Being a college student I have to ration out the money I do have wisely and in so doing, get more for less- coupons allow me to get more for less. In my early years of college I had gotten an EBT card to help because I was an independent college student who did everything on my own. With having an EBT you get a certain amount of money a month based on what the government thinks you qualify for and therefore the spender must use the money frugally in order to be able to afford groceries till the card is reloaded with the same amount the next month.

I use to work at a grocery store and working at a grocery store allowed me to see up close just how much coupons were beneficial in spending. One week something would be at regular sales price and the next week it would be a BOGO sale and BOGO’s became one of the greatest things to me being a student with strict spending abilities.

A note from us at I’m In: we feature many BOGO sales at I’m In.  Just search “BOGO” on the homepage to find out where!

Although coupons might not be a main determining factor on purchasing food to some it is a factor to me and although I am working hard in order for that to not be the case always it is the case in the stage of life that I’m in right now so even if something is ten cents off it does do a great deal in my budget expenses.

Using coupons has not only been a benefit to my budget but it has also taught me responsibility, patience, planning and budgeting, which are very important life lessons that will be necessary in many life experiences. I’m not saying I’m one of those “Extreme Couponing “from TLC but I do try and get more for less when I am able since the option to save is available why not take advantage of it?

Even though I only support myself currently I’m sure coupons will still be used when I do have a family of my own because it will still be economical- when you think coupons you think savings and everyone wants the ability to save when it is benefiting their wallets, coupons don’t harm anyone and they are not illegal so why not save away when they are available to all.

Funny experience I had that I can recall when I was grocery shopping with a friend… we had gotten to the check-out line and she had forgotten her five dollars off coupon at home, when I suggested that we just come back she replied saying, “it’s no big deal, its only five dollars”… *blank stare* “it’s only five dollars” now my friend wasn’t aware that I was an EBT user but that five dollars off coupon would have definitely been the determining factor for myself completing the purchase. Nothing against my friend at all for not thinking it was necessary… I’m glad she is able to not have to base her food shopping off whether or not she should run and get a coupon; I eventually hope that I don’t have to be so dependent on coupons… but till that time comes along I will continue to be saving conscious however and whenever I can be. Some might think using coupons on a daily basis is in some ways a form of dependence but I don’t view it as that I view using coupons as being for the wise, the conscious, the economical, the diligent and the ones who are up for a challenge. I’m all in to save and there is no shame in it at all! I’m in!