About a year ago, I got hired as an employee at Publix, working my way up to a cashier position. Being my first job, I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done. It taught me responsibility, gave me new friendships, helped with my communication skills, but most of all, allowed one on one experience with all sorts of people. As a cashier, it is part of my job to be familiar with the coupon policy of the store; how it works, coupon accepted and quantity limits per coupon. With this said, I have seen numerous shopping experiences where customers literally get paid to go shopping. Customers have bills that total to hundreds of dollars and will walk out with money in hand. Coupons are tricky and painstakingly difficult to gather, however if done right, they can pay out in the end. They can come in handy for any sort of shopping: retail, food, car, etc. This is relevant to Publix because every person goes to a grocery store. In our economy, we see the damaging effects the economy has had on the general population, so it is worth saving every penny you can. Although there may not be a coupon for every item a person desires, it could heavily influence what that person buys. For example, a customer comes in looking for a snack and is trying to decide between fruit snacks or potato chips. The fruit snacks cost $3.99 and the chips cost $4.29, but the customer has a coupon for $1.00 off a bag of potato chips, the coupon may be the deciding factor. These deals may seem minor, only saving $0.70 on a bag of chips but the savings can begin to add up; before you know it, you have saved a hundred dollars in a weekly grocery shopping trip.

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It is difficult to judge the general consensus of the population when dealing with coupons because of the vast process of locating coupons, cutting them, getting the correct amount, and being limited to the items/brands of the item, however when people are shown the effects of using coupons can have on their price they tend to agree that coupons are worth the sacrifice. I have had many first hand encounters of customers trading their brand of item to the brand that offers a coupon with money off. At the end of the day, people are going to buy what saves them the most money. Although it may take time to get all of the coupons and match them to the deals that are currently available, it can save money.

In our day and age, the economy has had devastating effects on the middle class population. For many, saving money in any way is welcome. If done correctly, coupons can save tons of money on any purchase. Not only can this been seen when buying groceries at your favorite local store butt it applies to retail shopping as well. If you can save 30% on a purchase of $45 or more, of course the extra $13.50+ is welcome. Often times, people will buy only the items that are on sale or that have a coupon so they can save a few bucks here and there. This may limit a purchase to only a few select items but the sacrifice is absolutely worth it. It is common for people to only spend the money on items they feel are saving them money as it makes the worth of a dollar that much more. Coupons are extremely helpful but can limit the items people buy. “Extreme couponers” will only buy items that have a coupon since it allows them to get items in bulk for cheap amounts. With this said, it can be assumed that many people will buy items they have coupons for just for the savings. This builds the savings and helps to spend less money.