At 22 years old, I’ve found myself googling for coupons last minute, before I walk up to the cash register. Only because I know there is a coupon somewhere out there that will save me just a few dollars, but at the end of the day if I have saved a couple of dollars from every purchase; I have found myself able to spoil myself with something that I like, or actually need for myself rather than for projects, or the necessities of life. I wouldn’t say I am an extreme couponer! I have witnessed a women buying ten bottles of soap just so she could get a buy one get two free toilet paper packs. Or something along those lines! I’m sure it was something more than that. I just remember her utility belt being filled with ten of almost each item. I honestly wonder if when it comes down to that at the end of the day if they’re saving those items, selling them, giving them away as Christmas stocking stuffers, Halloween candy. Who knows! It makes me question if they’re really saving money or if its just a hobby to enjoy and instead of having nothing to say back to their significant other about buying so much they can say they’ve saved so much. I’m surprised no one had made a reality TV show for strictly coupon addicts! Yes I am guilty of walking into Michaels and buying mudge pudge and franticly trying to load a Michaels coupon just so I can receive 30% off of that $6.00 glue! Although, like I said every dollar counts and that’s another dollar I could save, or spend on something I actually want or need for myself. I’m not one to go to a grocery store and dig out pre cut coupons or search online for coupons for food though. I’ve never really realized how I don’t look for food although if it is a arts and craft project, or of course clothes shopping that’s the first thing I look for before checking out or even walking into the store! I work in retail and seeing 50% off signs on product sometimes makes me giggle because I see that it’s an amazing discount although if the product is $59.99 it is still going to be expensive. Where as if we were to go onto the children’s section of the store and see a 60% off sign on a $7.99 pair of pants that is just mind-boggling. I sometimes wonder what our company actually makes off of the product we sell, or even more how much it actually costs to create the product that they’re selling. When I think of coupons I think of the product and how much it actually is worth value wise. Is it really that bad that they’re willing to give you an extra discount just to get it out of their store? Why would a company draw in customers with a coupon to sell their product for cheaper than what is already discounted? Call me crazy but that just makes me feel like the product I am buying is probably going to rip easy, maybe fall apart, break, over heat, there are a ton of things that should be thought about before purchasing the item. If this coupon is willing to give me the product for almost free is this product going to satisfy my need and want for the item. I understand why the company gives out these coupons, in hope for the customer to be drawn to something else to bring up the units per transaction, “you’re already here, might as well check out the zip up hoodies that are promoted for $14.99! This week only!” When in actuality, we’ll sell them for $12.99 or 50% off any other day. The way company’s market, advertise, and create promotions as well as coupons are mind boggling and funny in a way for myself because unlike a lot of consumers there are the few who actually look beyond the coupon, and the price and realize this product is good and or this product is bad. Whether it’s the company trying to get rid of the product or selling it cheap to get rid of it fast because the product is so poor. Either way the company is receiving the money and we the consumers are buying. With that coupon, or with out that coupon.

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