Green Stamps, Coupons Groupons!   Is it really worth it?

I would like to start out by saying I can recall my grandmother collecting Green Stamps!  Yes, Green Stamps, I would like the stamp and put them into a small book and off we go to buy something with those books  Now that is frugal, but yet worth it to my grandmother who needed two wooden spoons to put on her wall.

While I like the occasional coupon to use for washing my car or saving on a pizza, active couponing isn’t really my thing. It really do not influence my decision to buy or what I am doing in that moment.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t be frugal. I also believe that you can live frugally without relying on coupons. Coupon living is about more than just pinching pennies. It is also about: Getting good value for your money. Doing some things yourself, rather than paying someone else to do them. Looking for discounts and sales, especially when buying bulk at Costco or Sam’s according to my mom’s generation. Buying high quality goods that last longer and save you money in the long run. Living in a budget conscious way, yes it can be a challenge .Challenging by looking up the expiration dates, saving, cutting and remembering where you store the coupon when it is time to use the coupons.

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Why because couponing is too micro managing for me. I think we should all manage our good habits in large ways and gives ourselves a break in small ways (the grocery store). If I were to coupon, it would almost be a part time job if you consider the time put into it. I could keep a very frugal budget with my allowance, the coupons allow for that. I don’t have my mom’s same thrifty mindset. I can see how you can be thrifty and not coupon. Sometimes I think couponing dovetails with mental illness or compulsive extreme behavior more than it is proof of thrift Coupons are only worth *anything* if they are for items you would have bought anyway. As soon as you let your shopping be dictated by ‘which coupons do I have?’ at the expense of concerns like ‘do I actually like the smell of the on-sale deodorant?’ you stop being a frugal money-saver and start being a neurotic shopping-addict.

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And keep in mind that ‘there is no free lunch’: all your ‘free’ groceries have been paid for by someone else (the company issuing the coupons in order to boost sales). So if you use your coupons to regularly EMPTY the shelves at your local retailer you are just forcing that retailer to inflate his prices (for paying customers) and install a much stricter coupon-policy (for you and your fellow coupon free-loaders).

Just this month, we are seeing all the back to school sales, using coupons and on line coupons. While couponing can help you reach your goals of frugal living, it isn’t a necessity — and it isn’t the only path to frugality. My mother look for ways to find good deals, because it is four children two in college along with myself and my little sister, so yes a family of 4 or more we look for good deals, finding ways to get items of good quality for the best prices, during this back to school time. We also like to look for inexpensive things to do as a family, and find discounts using the Internet for back to school deals.

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This Groupon thing is catching on, along with “Sweepstakes” couponing, that takes you through the thrill or applying for or denying products at a steal, just for a chance to win a Million Dollars. Don’t forget the “card” for your special discounts at Target, Kroger or even at your gas station. WOW!  We can really use the discount without digging in our purses and wallets for the card.

Green Stamps, Coupons, Groupons, Who would know that we would evolve from one era to another still using discounted methodology of coupons!