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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Traci P.

yes coupons influence the things I buy as well as many other Americans.

Coupons influence the things I buy in many ways they make an item cheaper which enables me to stock up on items I use like toothpaste or shampoo ,and even laundry soap.

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I have to use coupons as I am a mother with two kids and my husband does not make much. the other thing is for my house I have to use coupons because I am on limited finances,and money is became even more important when the economy crashed as well because people started to lose their jobs and we were one.

coupons give back to schools as well because if something is buy get one free I would than take more or Safeway’s buy two soda get 3 free coupons I buy to but take three more so I have a stock pile of things. some times coupons don’t influence the things I buy because I have to buy stuff I may not have a coupon for other times the coupons may be so ridiculous that it is not worth using the buy ten for ten dollars coupons who needs ten boxes of cake mix.

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so yes for the most part for me the coupons influence maybe not so much what I buy but where I shop because sometimes certain stores have better coupons for the things I need.

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