Coupons can have a major affect on the purchases that society makes, and then again it also depends on the type of person. Meaning it all boils down to how is their mind set up. How is their financial situation? Are they patient to sit down and look for the proper and correct coupons for a specific product that will maximize their quantity without breaking their bank or not having to use their bank at all? With all this said, it just varies with each person that the situation applies to.

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Starting with people of lower class or not substantial financial support to be able to enjoy the finer things of life. These type of people basically live by coupons, BOGO, hot deals, and giveaways. They have to make these type of sacrifices for things that aren’t the best or have to choose something that is unwanted because the coupon that they have either saves them a quarter that can be put towards some more objects or be put to buy something for themselves or anyone that they care about (i.g. kids, parents, uncles, aunts, friends, etc.). In some cases coupons leave people without a choice, it all but pretty much controls their life almost like the coupons are the fates. The coupons control their life, just like in Greek Mythology the Fates controlled who lived or died, they could see past, present, and future, also were believed to change the course of what was to happen. So for poorer people or people that don’t necessarily have money to blow but have to be very frugal and a penny pincher coupons turn lower social class into mere puppets that are controlled strings that are in the metaphorical hands of the coupons. At first the people are in a similar situation as Pinocchio but the story is reversed. They see the strings that controls them but as time goes by they get use to the string and soon they are completely oblivious to the strings that control their lives. All in all, people in lesser social class or having trouble with financial, coupons pay an important fact in their decisions on buying things.

Now as for the higher up class that don’t really have to worry about money, you could probably ask them about coupons and they would probably say that have never used them in their lives. They might not see themselves as better then the general population but they don’t have to worry about money. In the end that is the only real thing that coupons affect, because as I was sitting typing this essay up I realized that the coupons don’t really affect peoples decisions. In reality it affects the amount of money people can have. If rich people were to use coupons as well as the lesser rich people they would just be even more rich. This whole situation could just be seen as a great big domino effect, the coupons knocking into the money domino, which knocks into the decision domino, and it goes on and on. Some could even argue that the domino effect could make its way to the economy. Some may argue that the coupons could be affecting the economy by giving people a way to avoid putting money to circulate through the cycle, and others could argue that it really doesn’t affect the economy because in the end they will spend the money that they saved with the coupons will only be spent to buy something else in the world.

In conclusion to my essay whether or not it coupons influence or help decide peoples decision on making purchases all depends on the person. To some people coupons are a way of surviving to others they are like the extra toilet people use when they only need one or two pieces, instead of the five or six they grab and don’t even use.