Almost every college student goes through a phase where we really want something we can’t afford on our own. I personally thought getting a part time job would make me able to get those things which was false.  The problem was that I had necessities that were much more important. The solution to that problem for me was coupons. The coupons helped me save money with almost everything. Another good thing about coupons is easy access to them. If the coupons are here to help us, we should use them to our advantage. All of this influenced my decision to use coupons on most of my purchases.

As a young adult, my mother did the purchasing of everything I needed. When I got employed at Kohl’s and started college, this all change. My mom took out plenty of loans for me so she didn’t have the finances to spare like she used to. Once this change occurred, the things I use to get like food and clothing seemed really expensive. For example, my mom would always buy me a burger and fry from the famous Portillo’s. But when it came to me purchasing food on my own, 10 dollars for a typical meal was too expensive. I only was getting paid 110 dollars a week. Meals like that plus the things I needed like tissue, soap, contacts, contact cleanser etc. were things I couldn’t afford with my little check. Then, I got my hands on coupons and this all changed. I was able to get meals that originally cost 10 dollars for 8. My job at Kohl’s also had me realize how much I could save. With all the coupons we have, I’m able to save 50% sometimes. I also began to pay attention to the savings of some customers and noticed the amount of money they were saving from coupons. I saw that the littlest of savings really did add up. Now I find myself always searching the web for whatever store I’m about to enter. Coupons continue to open the door for lots of other benefits also.

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One perk to coupons is that there are so many ways to get them. The most popular ways are through apps, mail, emails, and text messages. The easy access to coupons definitely influence my decision to use them. If the coupons were harder to get, I probably just wouldn’t save. Thankfully the stores want me to save. They understand that the more money I save on valuable products the more I will come back to their store. I know this for a fact because of my experience at Kohl’s. We have coupons for everything going on all the time which is why we have so many consistent customers. We always give our customers the option to enter their email for coupons and through the email we get their address to mail coupons. This leads me and a lot of other customers to let coupons determine what we buy and when. Since I’ve been working the cash registry at Kohl’s, I have noticed that whatever item has a coupon sells the most. This action shows that stores understand the importance of coupons.

Another benefit is that there is only one bad benefit. This bad benefit is that there may be a restriction on certain items. Although if you think about it, the coupon you have can be used to purchase more items for less money. Leading you to a win-win situation. Situations like the one above make you think about the value of products. Like is a product really worth the price given or is the store over pricing. Before coupons were invented, people lacked the conscious of thinking about the value of a product. So now that coupons can be used, I always let my conscious set in. Letting the first thing that run through my mind before a purchase be “can I reduce the price with a coupon”.