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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Thomas D.

Since I provide for myself, while still in high school, the number one thing I need to do is watch out for extraneous and unnecessary costs. the easiest way is to scout out competitive pricing, bargains, discounts, and coupons; doing this helps me ensure that I can great foods, cloth, and more—for less.

During the Holiday season, retail stores and grocery stores are trying to compete against one another to see who can lure in the most potential buyers. A common theme is to match or equal their competitors price. Whether food or an appliance, the matching game can be used for our advantage!I wondered at one time if Wal Mart would actually honor its guarantee to match competitors’ prices, and it did.. I wanted to buy a bag of frozen strawberries at Wal Mart; it offered a 10% discount on frozen fruits. A great deal no doubt, but its price was higher than Publix. So, I did the best thing I could do and inquired whether or not Publix could compete with that discount. Walmart could and it did. I bought my strawberries for 10% less, saving about one dollar. For one item, it is seemingly unimpressive, but when together with a laundry list of forty items, the savings snowball.

For frugal people, like myself, nothing is more attractive than watching these stores exercise capitalism at its finest. In fact, it’s beneficial for the common consumer to wait until the Holiday seasons to begin buying gifts and home appliances because the prices are at yearly lows. This same principle applies to many other cycles. Whether you’re a couponer or not, knowing the yearly lows on canned items, frozen foods, and boxed goods is an astute characteristic of a smart shopper.

Now, when it comes down to the purchase, I always check to make sure that I have all the possible coupons at hand. Personally, I utilize popular image boards, social networks, and discussion boards so I can discover and uncover all possible coupons.

This affects what I buy and who I buy it from because the prices can vary so minutely, from store to store, that one single coupon can make the difference between a smart purchase and an intelligent one.

Couponing is a popular hobby. In contrast to most, a hobby that requires an unnoticed and ignored acumen for the hobby itself. Inasmuch as the utility and efficacy that is needed to find, use, and optimize each coupon. The ease is something to be amazed at nowadays. For example, Retailmenot is a website that offers mobile coupons that you bring up on your phone at checkout. Target even allows you to scan items on your phone to see if a coupon or other savings is available (cartwheel – love this thing).

The precision of coupons is the only downfall; the exactness of the product, the store, and the brand does seclude the variety I purchase from—it does not, however, limit the quality. A common misconception about couponing is the restriction of variety.

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Variety also comes to mind when I have to break brand loyalty. Sometimes I sacrifice a brand I like because the quality has been the same, if not better, for a discounted off-brand purchase. Like Oreo and Hydrox, one is almost twice as pricey, but they taste the same. Cereal can be pricier with Kellogg brands, so, I make the switch to the off-brand alternative and get two for the price of one name-brand item.

The meek examples I’ve given are all so much better when put in perspective. I can save twenty to forty dollars each shopping trip, roughly one hundred and twenty a month, and one thousand and four hundred dollars a year. That’s why I coupon.

Ultimately, all my purchases are governed by coupons. I buy for need and for utility. I coupon because couponing is a smart thing to do. I am thrifty, cost-conscious, and above all else, aware that couponing offers me a utilitarian lifestyle: where my actions are weighed upon and precise in every course. After all, providing for myself during high school requires an acute ear to the ground and eye to the sky, knowing that each bargain is the best bargain.

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