I am currently going to Tidewater Community College for Paralegal. I am married and have 3 wonderful children. I am new to couponing. We are actually starting this week. My husband worked at Wal-Mart for 9 years, and we used his discount that he got there for employees. One thing I have seen from watching couponing shows though is people by things that are unnecessary. I agree it is nice to get something for free but not something I don’t need. I do plan on being smart about it. I am only looking for coupons that I need for my family. Buying unnecessary things would be okay once in a while because I can then donate them to the local shelter but I look at it this way. Let says I get 20 free things and 20 things that I don’t need and my bill comes out $40 and the 20 things I don’t need equal $20-30 where am I really saving money. Getting newspapers for coupons cost up to $40 a month per newspaper. So why would I go out and get a whole bunch of newspapers to get a couple of coupons to save a little bit of money.

Couponing is a great thing though because it does help save money and get you stuff that you might not have been able to buy before. On Extreme Couponing I saw a woman buy a house to store her stock pile in and she was able to save money because she was able to do grocery shopping for the month with coupons and save the money she would have spent on it. I do see that sometimes buying stuff you don’t need as a good advantage. My kids love fruits and drink milk like it is going out of style so I know if I want coupons for stuff like that I need to contact companies directly.

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Once my husband ends his job at Wal-Mart I am planning on subscribing to the newspaper on Sunday’s and Wednesday to get the coupons. I am also going to start shopping around to see where I can get the best prices. I know a great place to shop would be Save-A-lot for everything but meats. But I want to make sure they take coupons to. So I guess in a way having coupons does have an influence on where I am going to shop but it does not have an influence on what I will buy. I am allergic to bleach and if I can only find a coupon for something with bleach in it to wash my clothes then I would not buy that product and not use a coupon to get my laundry soap when I need it.

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I am planning on doing the research on how to become a successful couponer. I want to be able to use coupons to save money but not get things I don’t need. I think it is great that people have all this room or make room in their house for stockpiles. But I really don’t have room. I do want to get a deep freezer and a membership to BJ’s, Costco, etc. This way I can buy things in bulk and I am hoping there are coupons out there to help with buying in bulk.

I do see the advantages of couponing and plan on using it from now on but I want to be cautious on how I use it to make sure I don’t start going completely crazy and getting things I don’t need to save money. But if I do, I know plenty of families and my church to donate all the extra stuff to, to help people out. Plus I live in a military area so I would like to be able to help out military families also. I would also donate to the schools. The schools that my kids go to have a great program that is called backpacks for kids. It gives kids easy meals to take home and put in the microwave so they don’t miss a meal or go without eating.

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