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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Taylor L.

Coupons influence my purchasing decisions positively, simply because it helps me be more of a bargain shopper. When I was younger, my mother used to stress how important it was to save money by couponing or waiting for something I want to go on sale, and to not act frivolous when spending it. I used to think in my little naive mind, “this is ridiculous, why do I need to save money when I can buy what I want, right now?” But, as growing up in an ever-changing economic world, I have grown to realize that my mother maybe was not as crazy as I so thought.

Having different jobs throughout my adolescence, it has taught me the value of money I do not think I could have learned without. Once a person is making their own money, they begin to realize how crucial it is to not spend it mediocrely. When I am now shopping for products, clothes, school textbooks, and much more, I see it as “yes, I do possibly need that. But, I can wait to see if I can get it at a cheaper price somewhere else or once it goes on sale.” Having to live on a compressed income while also paying for college and high school costs and fees, tends to make you grateful once you see a coupon online or in the paper stating “40%” or “buy 1 today, get 2 free.”

For instance, the price of gas is one of the ever-fluctuating prices. I know from traveling to and from work, and being a young-adult that pays for her own gas, the sale once gas goes down is definitely something worth cheering about. I purchase my gas from Dillon’s, so the Gas Points they give for however many groceries you buy really does help any time I am able to get it. I mean, who would not want 10 cents, or even sometimes 40 cents off? The recent drop in price has been helpful, but once it gears back up again, people will definitely be grateful for any deal they can get on it.

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I can honestly say right now I am a frugal consumer. I do not feel the need to spend outrageous sums of money unless need be. Growing up with a family that has always lived under our means has helped me take more of a realistic approach to saving money. College kids as well as some high school kids have to live paycheck-to-paycheck, by using that money to pay for their housing as well as their food and bills. I know many of which use coupons that they either find online or in papers to help them maybe save a little more each time they purchase something.

All in all, being frivolous is not a horrible trait, but it also should not be a trait that people want to get into. It may seem tedious to continuously cut out coupons from the paper, or print coupons out once you come across them, but the time spent doing that can save a huge amount in a person’s pocket. The real world is not free, and it takes every penny you have to make it. But, you as a person can fight that with every saving technique you can possibly come across. Maybe, just maybe, those “extreme couponers” you see on TV, are not as extreme as you think. Maybe they are just your average person trying to save more than they want to actually spend.

Here is a little food for thought, next time you pick up that morning paper, deliberately thinking you will just throw it out once finished reading the funnies or the sports section, look through the ads and you may be more surprised at what you find then you could ever possibly imagine. Those savings you have been throwing away could save you more money then you think.

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