Coupons absolutely influence my purchasing decisions.  They provide shoppers a chance to save money on items they might have been purchasing regardless.  Personally, coupons are a great asset to my budgeting efforts because, they are commonly for items that I have a need for.  As a college student I need to save every penny I can, and coupons certainly help me to do so.  If I were going into a store with a couple of coupons, I will almost always end up purchasing the brand that I have the coupon for.  I also use them frequently because they literally get delivered to my front doorstep.  The newspaper and occasionally the Internet, is where I find most the coupons that I utilize.  The great thing about them is that they are usually for goods that I would have a need for.  According to, nearly 80% of consumers use coupons on a regular basis, for a total of almost 3 billion coupons redeemed.  This demonstrates the growing popularity of “couponing”, as it is commonly dubbed.  Clearly these other consumers agree with my opinion on coupons.

Despite my utilization and affinity of coupons, I will not venture into a store to purchase a good simply because I have a coupon.  My use of coupons is more of a being in the store already type of thing.  However, I will continue to use coupons to save myself hundreds of dollars every year.  It is mind blowing that certain people never take the time to use coupons.  Yes, they can save each consumer tons of money, but also most coupons are completely free to obtain.  Why not take advantage of an opportunity to save money?  It only takes a handful of time to search for and collect the coupons one needs.  I commonly use them on household items, grooming products, and of course food.  A large amount of consumers don’t even realize that there are so many coupons available for food products and ingredients.  The food portion of my spending is greatly aided by the use of coupons, as food expenses are generally my highest.  Without coupons, I simply wouldn’t be able to afford to purchase the necessary amounts of food, supplies, and or necessities.  Usually, on Sundays during football, is when I begin my search for coupons I can use.  I start with the newspaper because it contains local coupons that I almost always use.  Then once I have been through the newspaper, I begin my online search of relevant coupons.  These websites also contribute a great amount of coupons with some fantastic deals.

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All in all, without a doubt I believe that coupons are a great influence on my purchasing decisions, as well as the majority of consumers.  Coupons are a great asset to the American consumer, so long as we just take the time to look for and utilize them.  I would say that with the exception of the wealthy, coupons loom in the thoughts of all consumers.  The only thing that prevents certain shoppers from using coupons is their own laziness.  There are so many coupons for good products that people purchase every day, are they for the taking.  Many stores even go so far as to put a coupon book in the front of the store.  Undoubtedly, coupons influence which brand I purchase, and occasionally which items I purchase.  They are a powerful tool in brand marketing, and benefit both the company and the consumer.  I think companies should continue to print more coupons, and also think about increasing the amount of coupons they create.  Not only does the coupon draw consumers to their product, but also they might even gain customer loyalty if they like the product.  If someone told you they don’t even look at coupons, I would say they are lying.  Every consumer loves to save a buck or two, and coupons are perhaps the best way to do that.  Thank you for taking the time to read my essay.