Bogo!! SALE! SALE!  Sunday is here, I must wake up at 6am to get the paper. Just like the postman- rain, snow, sleet will not keep me from my coupons. After I have scoured the abundance of paper, I head to the computer to generate the list. 7am  list ready  and coupons cut…now I head to the STORES!!! CVS, BILO, WAL-MART.

A note from us at I’m In: We can help you save at CVS and Wal-Mart, too!

My primary goal is to stay within our weekly 50.00 budget. With 3 children and a husband, I have to stay on task and on budget.  My husband is great and knows I enjoy going coupon shopping. It’s my time and I don’t have rush.  Being alone helps me to focus and make smarter decisions. The only items I buy without a coupon are fresh fruits and veggies.  And even then, I don’t buy if the fruits and veggies are not on sale.  Coupons influence our decisions on most items, not just groceries. My husband now shops with online coupons to support his computer business. The children see coupons as cash. They know mommy saves money which allows them to do many other things. Some may call it cheap, we call it opportunity. Spending a little more time to use coupons saves us so much money and gives opportunities other families may not have. Also, using coupons allows us to have extra items to give away when people are in need. I may not always have extra money, but I have toilet paper, cereal, toothpaste, canned items, staples, and frozen goods at my disposal.  To bless others, blesses my family.