“I have an expensive fashion taste, with a miniscule paycheck.” Those are the words I live and breathe by every day. I’ll admit it, I’m a shopaholic. I have no shame in admitting my flaws, and if any girl knows my daily struggles they know that they share the same fate. Putting me in a mall is like giving a drug addict their hit of the stuff, once they start they cannot seem to stop. If I touch it I must buy it, and that’s where I falter; I have no self-control.  With my shopping problem I had to find some way to save some money, even if it wasn’t much. The day when I discovered coupons was the day God came down and told me “You can buy everything you want now, and you don’t have to spend all of your money!”  I subscribed to every coupon mailing list my little fingers could type and write. Once the coupons started piling in, that’s when I knew I had a strange power at my hands. I was in a new territory now; I could get 25% off for that new dress I wanted or buy 2 pairs of shoes and get 1 pair free. It doesn’t just stop at shopping; even if I was in the food court and I had a coupon, 9 times out of 10, I would use it. Coupons have become a daily necessity in my life. I would always find some way to use coupons, even if I didn’t need the certain item. Just the thought of saving money while getting a product was enough for me. But coupons do have some faults as well. If I want to buy a certain item and I have a coupon for that store, yet my purchase doesn’t match the coupons criteria, I feel compelled to put it back and buy something that does match that criterion.  I will say that coupons do influence my purchases very much; as long as I can get something at a cheaper price than usual I will get it. I like to see coupons as little presents given to me for being so awesome. Coupons are my main lifeline when I’m shopping online, from free shipping to having your whole cart price cut in half, I can always find something that would benefit me. Also it is easier for me to find coupons for online shopping instead of in store shopping. Not only is there more coupons online than in stores, but the coupons found online are usually worth more. When I use online coupons I feel as if I could buy more because I don’t have to pay for as much, especially when it comes to the shipping prices. But I tend to binge shop online with the use of my coupons. With just one coupon I feel like I can buy more with the money I just saved. It is safe to say that coupons do define my life and they are the reason I am not as broke as I should be.  My mother always says “A penny saved is a penny earned.” So with my line of thinking I believe “A coupon made is another clothing piece bought” Coupons always influence the way I shop because right when I get a handful of coupons I go straight to the mall and spend them all, they save me money so nothing could be better than saved money.  I don’t understand how people don’t use coupons, I mean do they not like saving money? Our economy is struggling and coupons can help greatly. Without the use of coupons, we would be spending unnecessary money that could rightfully go towards our greater necessities, like college tuition and food for our families.  Even though the cost saved isn’t that much coupons make the little change count if saved properly. So even though I am a compulsive shopper, coupons lighten my payload.

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