Coupons absolutely influence my purchasing decisions. Before I make a purchase online specifically I always search the web to find coupons. When I would like an item shipped to me, I rarely ever paying a shipping fee, because I find a coupon from a website provider and continue my purchase. If I do not find a free shipping coupon I am very inclined to just forget the order and deiced I do not need the product. When there are double coupons offered I am very influenced to purchase from that website, for instance when a store gives their members a percentage off every purchase, and there is a coupon that can be combined; I find something that I need and buy it. The idea that I am saving money on an item makes me feel good, therefore I am more likely to buy more items. For example when there are 2 for 1 sales or buy 3 get 1 free, and I am very inclined to purchase the extra items just to get that one on sale. Typically the amount of money I am saving buy doing these deals is minimal, however the word free gets me as well as most people. When I see buy one get one 50% off, I am drawn to the product however I am not always going to buy it. I attend to Northern Illinois University, and a great way they get u students to come to events, or even to the bookstore they give us coupon books. At big event like football games where the student turn out is great, the promotions are everywhere and the students eat it up. If the bookstore is giving out coupons a good majority of the students including myself will go there because that is so rare. I have a lot of school spirit, but not a lot of money. I use the internet to find coupons as well. I am on the email list of a few coupon collecting websites, that send me a list of available coupons daily. If I see a store name that I frequently shop at I am immediately interested to see what the coupon is and if there is anything I would like to buy. Through the coupon collecting websites, the more I shop on a site, the more likely a coupon from that store will show up. Being on the Internet, the coupons are adapted to what appeals to me, and where I shop the most. I am subscribed to a variety of stores, so coupons are always coming in. When I go to grocery stores, or grocery plus stores that mainly sell groceries, but a few extra items I try and always have coupons. My dad gets his coupons from the Sunday paper; therefore if there is coupons that are relevant to me he cuts them out and leaves them out. If the coupon is worth even $1 off, I am way more inclined to go buy that product. Typically if I am running low on shampoo or body wash, I look through the coupons to see if there is a desired brand, otherwise I use a coupon and get that brand. Coupons are a great way for businesses to advertise because they draw people in, every cent that a person saves is important. Some people do not believe in coupons being worth while,  however that is not true. There is a saying that every penny counts, well if I am counting pennies I would like to save everyone possible. In the big picture coupons influence my purchasing decision because I like to be enticed. If I am given a coupon I will come back to the store. When I use the coupons from my mailing list, I am sent more from my frequently used sites, therefore the cycle continues. If I am searching the web for an item, and one website has it on sale or has free shipping, I am 100% more likely to buy the item from that provider. Overall coupons influence my purchasing decisions.

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