After going shopping with my mom who always used coupons, coupons absolutely influence my purchasing decisions.  Especially if the items is on sale and then I can get the added savings from a coupon.    My mom has always used coupons and always said that the more money she can keep in her budget the more is available for the extracurricular items or the unexpected items.   The “unexpected” was usually something my sister or I forgot to tell her about or car repairs.

Now I didn’t always get it.  I used to think my mom was crazy clipping all those coupons and worrying about what was and wasn’t on sale.  There were times when she bought a special treat for us at the grocery store and when we would get excited she was actually buying it, we were usually told “I have a coupon so we can afford it”.   There were times when she told that she save so much at the store with her coupons that we could go out to eat or go to the movies.  At that time, I didn’t really care why or how,  just that we were going.   When I was old enough to get a part time job , I figured I can do what I want or buy what I want because now I have money.  Then reality set in on just how easily and quickly money can be spent.   I felt so rich when I got my first paycheck and it was gone and I was broke again before I got the second check.  Now coupons and saving money was starting to make sense.

I have learned to check sale adds and use coupons especially now that I am in college and don’t have a lot of spending money.   Since you get coupons in so many ways there is no reason to not use them.  I use coupons I can print on line but mostly use apps on my smart phone where I can download the coupons to reward cards.  I prefer being able to download them to the cards so I don’t have to sift through paper coupons when standing in line. Some of the best apps are Ibotta  and Saving Star.  They don’t just offer coupons and deals on grocery items either.  They have deals at department stores, auto parts stores, shoe stores, movie tickets, photo printing and much more.

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Coupons provide financial benefits in saving you money on items on you already purchase and need.  You shouldn’t buy and item just because you have a coupon.  That is still wasting money.    Although buying something when you have a coupon that you might not normally buy in order to try it still works out.  You can try something new at a lower cost and if you don’t like it at least you didn’t lose as much on it, especially grocery items.    If you use coupons on groceries and shop at a store that doubles the coupons, you can get food, beverages and cleaning supplies for very low cost to free.  I realized the value in this the first time I went shopping after moving into my dorm.  That was really when I first truly understood why mom spent so much time on coupons.

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Since coupons are offered in more areas then just the grocery store you can save money when at the mall for new clothes or new shoes.  Many restaurants have coupons so it makes going out to eat with my friends more affordable on a college budget or any budget for that matter.    The savings you can accumulate from using coupons in all aspects they are offered make managing a budget easier.    If you can manager your budget, save money and keep expense down then your savings increases and your chances of you having the money you need for the unexpected or the splurge item you just really want  are pretty good.

Coupons are like free money you can add to the budget so why wouldn’t you?