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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Stephane L.

Coupons have a great influence on whether or not I am going to purchase an item. As a graduate student living on a strict budget; attending a private institution; and, not working at a job currently, saving money is imperative. In order to save, I use digital coupons as often as I possible. Most of my purchases are completed through coupon websites and local stores. This depends on the item that I am interested in. Nonetheless, coupons are a great way to save money and they allow you to have discounts on items that someone may not consider purchasing if it was not for the availability of coupons.

Whenever I am ready to make a purchase, I use digital coupons because they are more accessible and easy to use online, at a grocery store, or at a pharmacy. In contrary of what many people believe, it is not necessary to buy newspapers in order to find coupons and other great deals. I have a preference for digital coupons because they introduce me to new products that are not always available in regular stores or advertise in newspapers. With just one click online, I can look for an item that I am interested in, and I usually consider the menu of options that appears on the website after I purchase an item. Coupons enables me to purchase a second or third item—especially if they are a great deal. Coupons also influence my desire to purchase from different retailers because I always compare deals in order to find the best value for the item that I consider purchasing.

Digital coupons or regular coupons from magazines also increase my loyalty to the store or the particular retailer. For example, I often purchase Bath & Body Works products, and at the end of every trip at the store, the retailer put a $10 coupon for every $30 purchase. This induces me to come back either next week or the following month—usually before the coupon expires. I noticed the same pattern from other shoppers who come to this store because they, too, seek the best prices possible. As a result, coupons act as an incentive in the shopping process and they play an important role for both the customer and the vendor.

There are many benefits associated with using coupons when shopping. The benefits that online coupons offer me is that I am able to save money by combining the coupon with a sale. The coupon allows me to get a free item usually healthcare product or an additional food product at the groceries. Secondly, digital or printed coupons can also be used for clothes and other accessories. I use coupons whenever I am purchasing a new jacket, pair of jeans that may be too expensive to purchase. The coupon allows me to get a 10-20% deal on the item. I must admit, that I used to purchase items that I did not necessarily need or want. Fortunately, I reformed my ways of shopping. Before I make a purchase, I always make sure that I have a list on my phone or on paper so that I do not overspend money simply because I have a coupon for an item. One the benefits that digital coupons offer, is that they can be organized and used when necessary. It is very important that one stays organized with coupons. If not, it will defeat the purpose of saving money and the person may end up spending more money than actually saving it.

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In sum, coupons influence my decision to make purchases; they are a primary factor whenever I make a purchase for myself, my family, or friends. They will be part of my life for as long as they exist in the market place. I would also encourage programs, supermarkets, and other drug stores to offer more coupons to individuals like myself who are on a budget in order to afford food and other necessities.

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