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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Sidney S.

Coupons do influence my spending decisions by cutting down the cost of what I am getting, getting more for less, and being able to save money for the next trip. There are many coupons that my family and I have used to save money from cereal to dish soap. Anything that we can do to save money and get what we want is going to be used especially coupons. They are a good way to cut down the cost of the items that I am getting.

The first reason why coupons influence my spending decisions is by cutting down the cost of what I am getting. The fact that the coupon is helping to cut down the cost of the item that I am getting definitely influences me to get the item as it is stated on the coupon. Most of the coupons that my family or I use have a buy one get one half off. There are also the coupons that have the buy one get a dollar off of the second. For example my mom had a coupon for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The coupon said that if we buy one then we get one dollar off the second and each box was 99 cents, so we bought one and got the other free. Other coupons that I have seen that cut down on the price is buy one twelve pack of soda and get the second half off which means that we were able to get more soda for less.

Which leads me to the next reason that coupons influence my spending decisions of getting more for less because coupons are usually buy one and get the next one half off, or a dollar off of the next item like it. I have not seen many coupons that say get this half off when using this coupon. All of the coupons that I have seen show that you are getting more of what you want for less. The only time that I would see something that is marked down is when it is a special or they have a lot of that item. I only see the coupons selling items in couples. Like said before I was able to get two twelve packs for three quarters of what it would cost for two without the coupon. Saving me money for my next trip to the grocery store.

The last reason is that I get to save money for the next trip to the store. Since the coupons help me save money on the stuff that I need then that money I saved can go to the next time that I go to the grocery store so that I could get more supplies for my house. For example most of the money that I save from the coupons are usually used as spending money for when I run out of food or other supplies that I need for the next couple of days before going out to buy more of everything on my list. Not only does the money saved go to the next trip to the store but it can be used for having fun with my friends and family. The more money that I save the more money I could have to spend with family and friends on outings and I wouldn’t have to worry as much on how much money I have because if I could save money from the coupons then I will use them.

Coupons have been with me and my family for a long time so using coupons while deciding what we need from the grocery store does play a big role in what we buy and how much we buy. A bigger concern that we look at before getting anything is what can we save when using the coupons and can we use this coupon to save money on these items.

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