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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Siam A.

Coupons, also known as tokens or vouchers, have been an effective way of doing business for many organizations. “Coupon is a portion of a certificate entitling the holder to something such as a gift or discount” ( Coupons usually give consumers a discount on particular products. While some people are too lazy to look up coupons, other customers take full advantage of coupons. Many see it as a waste of time but it is undeniable that coupons are a great way to save money. More often than not, coupons influence people to buy a product similar to how it influences me in buying a product.

Coupons have been an efficient way of doing business because they draw attention from people that are looking to save money. As a student with no source of high income, I am often attracted to many products that I do not have the money to buy. However, an online coupon code makes it much easier for me to convince my parents to buy me that particular product. In my opinion, there is not a good enough reason for people to not use coupons. All gathering coupons require is some time. Even though some people would disagree and say “why waste an hour trying to save a dollar or two?”, most coupons users save more than what non-coupon users think they save. “Shoppers in 2011 using CPG coupons saved an average of $30 ($1560 a year) to $50 a week ($2600 a year) depending on their level of coupon involvement” ( Ergo, the question arises why not save some money when all it requires is some research?

Furthermore, coupons not only influence me to purchase products, it affects many other people, such as millionaires. Like Thomas J. Stanley states in his book “The Millionaire Mind”, millionaires use coupons not just to save a dollar but they look at the bigger picture ( Similarly, when using coupons, I do not only think that I am saving this much money on a particular product. Rather, I believe if I use coupons for five different products and save even $5 on average for buying five products, it will save me twenty-five dollars. That is enough to buy a whole new product. It is very productive indeed.  However, the question rises why would a millionaire want to use coupons to save money? The answer is simple; they are wise. “Thomas J. Stanley uses the example of how a family that spends $200 a week at the grocery store could cut the bill by 5% through coupons, buying in bulk and using other cost-cutting practices. The money saved could then be invested and eventually grow to more than $500,000″ ( I am not saying I can become a millionaire by using coupons, but it is wise indeed. More importantly, why waste money when it can be easily saved? More often or not, products are way too expensive, and a coupon makes or breaks the decision of me buying the product.

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In addition to how much money coupons save me, finding coupons is not a complicated process at all. Most people that do not use coupons blame time and laziness for their lack of coupon use. However, it is very simple to find coupons online. Coupon applications, for example, help us find coupons online. Also, there are many websites that have printable grocery coupons ( Therefore, there is simply no reason to not use coupons unless you have a problem with saving extra money. If you are someone that does not want to waste money, using a coupon is the wise thing to do. For example, if I see a product online that I really like but I do not want to spend that much money purchasing it, I do some research for a coupon. After I find an appropriate coupon, I go ahead and purchase it.

To reiterate, coupons can make or break my decision in purchasing a product. Coupons are a very effective way of saving money. Many people use coupons including millionaires who see the greater picture than just saving a few dollars. Also the things we like are often very expensive. With a little research, we can get a discount and personally, it makes or breaks my purchasing decision. Most importantly, research today is very simple as online coupons are very easy to find. Ergo, coupons influence my purchasing decisions. The use of coupons results in  saving essential money.

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