My shopping can be heavily influenced by coupons. I am always trying to save money and find a good deal. I would call myself a thrifty shopper. If I have a coupon for something I am more likely to get it even if it’s not the usual brand I would buy. There are few cases where I would buy my regular brand over saving money with a coupon. A lot of products I feel are very similar and therefore it is only practical to save money if I can.

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The money I save with coupons can go toward important purchases such as home improvements. Also it could be money I save back to continue my education. Perhaps the savings would allow me the opportunity to take a vacation or visit my family. I have always had to work hard for my money and have not come from a wealthy family. Therefore every dollar earned must be carefully spent. My mother was a great influence on me growing up and she demonstrated how to properly handle my money and to always be looking for deals. It may not seem like much savings at the time, but it certainly adds up after a while. Why spend more money for a product that that works the same or even not as well as a cheaper alternative? Saving money is the intelligent and most rewarding aspect of shopping. I always feel content and confident when I save lots of money using coupons.

Now if a certain brand I like is significantly better quality than its discounted competitor, then I will pay more for quality. However, if I have no real knowledge of the distinction between one product and the other, I will always opt to save money by utilizing a coupon. I don’t always actively search for coupons on a daily basis, nor will I not buy something simply because I do not have a coupon. Sometime though, the price of something will greatly influence whether or not I buy it now or wait until I’m more financially sound. If I really want something but am strapped for cash, I will search the internet for discounts or research cheaper options.

Coupons are a wonderful incentive to buy a product, and can even make it possible to obtain something one normally could not afford. A coupon is also a great way to encourage someone to try a product that they normally would not have considered. This can be a benefit to not only the company selling the product but it might also benefit the consumer if they discover benefits they had been missing out on. It can be tough to switch to a different brand when you are so use to using another. It can be hard to find a great product, so when we find it we want to stick with it because we know it works. No one wants to be disappointed by trying something else to learn it just doesn’t work. Then not only are you not satisfied with the product but can also feel foolish for having deviated from your normal purchase.

These kinds of experiences are a big reason people become very loyal to a brand. There are just too many poor quality imitations that are created. However, using a coupon allows the person to feel justified in purchasing something different. This way it is a win-win situation. If it works out then the consumer feels vindicated and satisfied. If it doesn’t then the person doesn’t feel as cheated because they know they didn’t pay the full price. You expect more from something when you pay more, it’s only natural. So if a product you got cheap doesn’t work as well, it’s unfortunate but not discouraging. If the product does work well or even better, then it makes you feel smart and gratified. It really is amazing how much a simple coupon can contribute to one’s happiness.