The power of coupons is underestimated when people are doing every day grocery shopping for their homes.  Coupons that come in newspapers, magazines and advertisements are often ignored and thrown away.  People look at coupons and think “Only 50 cents off?” What people do NOT realize is how much small amounts of money adds up.  I am familiar with the show Extreme Couponing on TLC.  Although it may be more dramatic than what couponing really is, it is a great example of why people use coupons.  Yes, it does take a considerable amount of time to cut out coupons; but it does save money if used correctly.  I have become very interested in watching Extreme Couponing because it gives great methods about using coupons and how to manage a budget.

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I find using coupons a great strategy to save money, especially for college students and high school students responsible for purchasing items using their own money.  From a personal experience, in one store visit, I had approximately fifteen to twenty coupons in my pocket and saved over 20 dollars on items I use every day! Students often find themselves having to follow budgets in order to put money away for bills, books, tuition, and more.  It takes me very little time to glance through a store ad and find coupons for something I am shopping for.  If I find something I need, the most I have to do is pick up a pair of scissors, cut it out, and shove it in my pocket! It takes so little time, but could save so much money that could be put away towards school (for a college student).

As is, coupons can save a significant amount of money, but with additional sales, it could double savings.  The money that can be saved by using coupons can go towards tuition, books, living costs, and other needs.  In my opinion, I think coupons are the greatest thing ever! If I had the choice between using coupons or not, I would choose to use them in a heartbeat.  I believe that people underestimate the amount of money it can truly save and what they could do with that extra money that they get from using coupons.  If the society was more informed about the savings couponing can produce, people may be more willing to use coupons, knowing the funds they can have left over.

As I am shopping as I get older, I have noticed at almost every store asks for my email address to send weekly ads and coupons to my email.  More and more coupons can be redeemed from the internet, so if you can just pull your email up, you can have access of coupons at the touch of your finger, literally!  I find this helpful because even if you do not go to a certain store, if you have access to online coupons, if by chance you need an item for that specific store, you may just have a coupon for what you need!

People do not pay enough attention to the money being reserved by just simply cutting out a piece of paper.  Even though you save small amounts at a time, it begins to add up and you can save more than what you think!  Because a lot of college students are kept on a tight budget, taking advantage of coupons can save a lot and you can get more for cheaper!  They can put the money the saved aside and use it for books or tuition.  Taking five simple minutes to glance through ads of the store you will be visiting can save the cash you never thought you could save!  Many coupons are becoming electronic as technology progresses. Since our generation has turned to technology as our savior, it is just a fingertip away! If the public became more informed of the value of coupons, many more would be willing to put the extra time in to save money and possibly help a financial crisis.  I personally find coupons so incredibly helpful and they have a BIG influence on my shopping decisions!

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