Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, they do. Every repetition is a dollar spent spent buying things that leave my pocket pocket empty. But many things changed changed when I discovered that coupons would save save me much the more I used used them. Maybe this tale will show what I I mean.

Imagine a grocery store store: with many items I need, some I want. Imagine a wallet half full mostly with one dollar bills to make me believe there’s actually more more. And beginning to fill my cart I do my math math and notice that: there’s already $47.93…$47.93 in a record seventeen minutes and my anxiety can’t be concealed. Thirty more minutes grabbing things and I begin to place back products in their respective aisles aisles. The total had amounted to $107.14 and there’s close close to a hundred dollars in my wallet. My cart carries $92.58 of half the things I need and none none of what I would want. But I pay for it and notice that my math was off off by $9.05 so I had to leave two other products there. I guess these meals can go without salt salt for a couple of days.

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Products had become numbers as I often went to buy buy them until I found the magic of ‘SAVE $$’.  My first time using them and I brought a grand total of $62.37 to $55.89 and I beamed with happiness. Second time I saved 10 dollars from my grand total and I could include some brownie mix for desert. A couple of months later and I could bring a $119.66 total to a $87.13 shop with some ice cream and more apples apple_ to take home.

What was needed from my grocery list was most of the time bought. I just needed to use more math and coupons to get me there. Then I wondered if I could save more on other things? Yes. I discovered coupons redeemable in clothing stores and for the first time in a long time I bought myself a new shirt just because I liked it. Then the turn came to eat out at some restaurants with the family, then to try and tune-up the car. Afterwards I could finally do things as a certain pleasure because I know that I got what I needed, that I am saving money and that I can actually have fun with moderate spending.

Coupons do influence my purchasing decisions by letting me acknowledge that a product is a product and not necessarily a price tag. I still worry about what I can afford every time I go to different stores, yet my mind is set on “I can save some on certain products so that I can be able to get other things”.

Enough about me I am already seeing positive results with coupons. The important thing is that everybody can benefit from using them. Be it at the grocery store, clothing store, or restaurants, you can save some money with a clip or click. It’s far easier than you’d expect, a lot more fun than anybody would think and…well…it will help you relax as you shop. And last but not least, if you have the time and have acquired the ability to use coupons to their full potential: you can help others in need of products with your purchases. This way you can not only teach about coupons but find a way for them to reach those who at some moment cannot use them.

Try it out. I did, and I have benefited from doing so. If you try it, you can also benefit from them and stop spending spending your much needed money.