A special note from us at I’m In: Sharon will tell you about a time that she used coupons to shop for uniforms at Sears.  Check out the coupons that we’re currently featuring for Sears so that you can save like she did!

Coupons totally affect my purchasing decisions because saving money is essential. Money, time and energy are finite resources thus we must choose wisely how to spend those limited resources.  Coupons allow me to provide better options for my children in a world where not all options are created equal.

As a single parent for years my purchasing habits are and have been influenced by the use of coupons. I just purchased work uniforms with a coupon from Sears. I use coupons to purchase holiday gifts for people.  Absolutely coupons make a difference in my spending. They offer me more choices  My son has begun to carefully monitor coupons in the newspaper as I check on line for coupons. I purchase the local newspaper on Sunday and add those to manufacturer’s coupons for better bargain hunting.  There are some super websites which offer printable coupons such as Imin.com or Krazy Koupon Lady.   KKL not only lists the coupons but offers advice on how to further decrease costs by combining store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons for the greatest savings.

When I am planning a shopping trip I will search the coupon sites and specific ads so that I feel I am getting the best prices. I will try a new product for which I have a coupon although I would not try the same product without the coupon.  My final decision as to the purchase of a product is influence by coupons. If I am considering a generic product vs a name brand product, I will always choose the name brand if a coupon is involved. I do not have access to phone coupons which some people do so that can be a barrier but I continue to use the resources to which I have access.

Coupon clipping or even downloading requires patience and organization.   It can be challenging to compare coupons, maintain the file, be aware of expiration dates and not purchase unneeded items just because you have a coupon. I think it makes me a better shopper because I am more aware of all available resources and limitations when I coupon.

I have found CVS and Kroger rewards programs to be extremely helpful also. By cleverly rolling purchases with coupons I have been able to save money.

I purchased Krazy Koupon Lady’s book for my daughter for Christmas. I have been amazed at how quickly she has developed the habit of couponing. She has learned she has stronger buying power with coupons.

I have had a couple of cashier’s actually compliment me on purchasing ability when I have done extremely well with coupons. It makes me feel good to know that I am choosing how I spend my money and can do so responsibly. It is exciting to see how much I can get for a smaller amount of money when I am very careful with my spending. It can be expensive to purchase printer ink for coupon printing. This can sometimes be a barrier but careful shopping can lessen the expense involved.

I encourage my children and friends to coupon. Sometimes people at work bring me the coupons they do not use.  I have been told many people find it difficult or too much work to use coupons which is understandable. It can be frustrating or frightening in the beginning but can become exciting quickly.   For those people just getting started I would recommend you hang in there and watch the savings quickly reduce your total expenditures at the cash register.  You will feel empowered when you realize the savings power you have after your purchase. It can become addictive though.  When I accomplish a great purchase it makes me want to repeat it or do even better the next time. I use coupons at hardware types of stores as well.  For textbooks purchased on line I always check for coupons or free shipping offers. It has become a way of life that I feel improves my lifestyle.