Personally I love coupons. I wouldn’t say that I am an extreme couponer, but possibly in the future I might grow into one. Coupons have become a huge part of my daily life. The first process of couponing, or at least my couponing process, starts with sifting through which coupons I need versus want and don’t need. It takes time and commitment to organize, categorize, and cut the coupons. My couponing even extends to market research, to see which store has the lowest prices on the coupon items, thus maximizing my savings. I know of people who will buy a particular item simply because they have a coupon for it. As for me I have never been one to get without having need for. Coupons help me save on the things I need but more or less, I only purchase the brands I like. I have been tempted and succumb to buying a brand I didn’t have any knowledge about.  The result of trying new brands due to coupons has been a good thing in the past. Coupons have led me to be more open to new or different brands. Without coupons in my life I wouldn’t be able to afford food, make up, clothes or even women necessity products. Coupons effect my ability purchasing and slightly influence my purchasing decision.

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In today’s economy; retailers provide as little as legally possible and get the max amount of money for it. I remember when chips used to be a dollar and filled to the top, now the “dollar” bag of chips cost one forty nine and is only half full. Couponing has become a way of life not only for me but for the many in order to accommodate the economic decline. Coupons are necessary to survival; the power coupons hold does have the power to influence purchasing decisions. If the coupon manufacturer prints a certain product the people that depend on coupons are left to use what is provided. I believe that coupons hold more power than most consumers know. People practically give my mom coupons not knowing the value they possess. Those who don’t coupon, don’t for many reasons; some have said that they don’t like the coupons that were given, others don’t really know how to coupon, and many don’t want to waste the time sorting and cutting. Lucky for me and my family that most don’t see what we see in coupons. We’ll gladly take anyone’s unwanted coupon; that is, after all how we manage to get the most for our money. Coupons are just a life style that we can’t afford not to maintain. My family and I buy based off the coupons that are given but really search to find the brands that we use and the products that we really need.

Over the last few years coupons have integrated into my life and become important to everyday shopping. Brands are important when food shopping specifically and I try to get the brands that I’m comfortable with, and prefer. Sometimes that isn’t always the case forcing me to either not get the item brand I wanted, or to try a new brand.  Dealing with coupons has opened my eyes to trying some new products that I have come to enjoy. I suppose coupons do influence my purchasing more than I even realized. Although my family will splurge and get the Rague over Prego or Aquafina over ice mountain even if there is not a coupon or m perks available. Most times we use what coupons manufactures see fit for consumers like us to have; other times we give coupons away or trade coupons that we don’t, for ones we do. Coupons are how my family and I adapt to the declining economy and lessening product quantity. There is no point in paying full price for half the product.