In today’s society it’s common to walk around the grocery store and see many individuals with their 3 ring binders full of coupons; or any other coupon related holder scoping out the best deals. Couponing has become a popular trend for Americans who are looking to save anything from a few cents to a couple dollars on items that them or their family needs. There’s even a hit television show called “Extreme Couponing,” that shows exactly how serious some individuals take couponing.

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Couponing now has become a way that families can “make ends meet” but with added savings and great reduction of the price it costs to feed a family. Some individuals can get 3 months worth of groceries for only a couple bucks, and some can walk out with much more for much less. The way our economy is heading, many individuals look to couponing as a sure way to save money and to ensure our resources last as long as we need them to. I personally am not a “coupon” user, but if I have a few on hand I will use them to knock off a few dollars or cents. Coupons do dictate how my family lives because my mom has began to take couponing classes so we can save money and still get the necessities. I plan on attending too because I don’t feel like learning how to coupon will cause much issues on how I spend my money. I actually think everyone should take a basic class in couponing so that way they can see exactly how much money it is that they are saving on food and necessities. I think this would also be a great idea for huge families where they have 5 or more children. Coupons are a life saver and I truly hope and wish they never will go away. We as an economy need them in order to make ends meet because the price of living continues to rise, while the amount of pay we get as a working class does not.