The world has become an arrangement of producers and consumers. They make up most of the human population around the world.  Both the consumer and the producer are vital to the economy because they “support” each other.  The producers create things and put it out into the market for the consumers to buy.  They rely on each other; consumers need the products and the producers want the profit.  There are many consumers in the world, and what the producers need to know is that: discounts and coupons do influence why or how consumers purchase items.  In fact, it probably is the turning point for the consumer to buy the item!  It catches the consumer’s attention and allows the consumer to actually consider purchasing the item.  Usually when a coupon is not involved, the consumer is more likely to ignore the item and move on the next thing.

All consumers are workers and earn their money.  Money is something everyone wants but not everyone has.  It is hard to earn the money and it takes time.  But once you have earned the money, everything is money; you use money to buy all your things.  You purchase your clothing, your education, your house, your food, your entertainment, etc…, with money.  Coupons can help you save money and use that saved money for other fun things.  You can buy your necessities, pay for a college tuition, or do whatever you want with the money!  There is no specific thing you have to use your saved money for!  The money that is saved from using the coupon is like free money.  Free money is great!  It is your money and you technically did not even have to work for it.  We also adore coupons because they lower the price on something that we really want or need to buy.  There are so many wonderful things in the world ranging from the exotic food to the vibrant places to the advancing technology.  All these things have a “pull” to it.  You have this desire for it.  It calls your name when you are not looking.  But, these things can be expensive even when the prices are not justified.  Do you want a new television set? A new computer? Or, how about a new game console? All of these luxurious things are beautiful, but do you really want to pay the full price?  Wouldn’t you rather pay a cheaper price?  Keeping this in mind, when there is a coupon involved, the consumer is more likely to buy the item because the price is lowered.  The item stays the same but the price changes.  For example, would you rather buy something that is $1,000 or would you rather pay for the same thing but with a fifty-percent discount?  It is really not a difficult question.  People are more likely to pay less for the same item because money is used for everything.  Why pay more for things?

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Another form of a coupon is a scholarship.  College can be a pain in the butt and can be extremely expensive.  The tuition falls on you and/or your parents.  Or, another choice you have is to borrow student loans.  The loans you borrowed are money but are not your money!  You need to pay for the education but you also need to pay for the other things like: housing, books, and transportation!  The bill can multiply quickly and look ugly faster than ever.  It is a huge burden on the parents and the students.  They have to find a way to help you.  And after, you need to return the money you borrowed from your parents or from loans.  That is a hassle that you do not want to deal with!  Scholarships can help lower the price of tuition and thus letting the student go to college without relying on loans or your parents.

In all, coupons, in any form, help the buyer by lowering the price and relieving the burden of actually paying the full price!