Life is expensive.

There are so many riches to beheld, the scent of the rain, laughter with friends, the cooing of babies. Many of life’s riches are free, others however are not.

A home, clothes, food, toilet paper, water, insurance, medicine, an education.

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Life is expensive.

I am not the first and I surely will not be the last person to say that coupons are every shopper’s best friend.

Why should I pay twenty whole dollars for a box of toilet paper when I can use a coupon to save five dollars?

Those five dollars can go to so much more!

My retirement fund, giving a friend a present for her birthday, treating myself, paying off a debt.

Five dollars is a lot of money that I can put towards another use.

So yes, a coupon most definitely influences my purchasing choices because, guess what?

Life is expensive.