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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Sayde N.

In all honesty coupons, on occasion, do influence my purchasing decision. It really depends on what the coupon is offering and where the coupon is from. If the coupon is from a department store of some sort I will most likely use it. If I can buy a pair of jeans and get the second one half off of course I’m going to take advantage of it. Coupons aren’t just limited to clothing and department stores, you see coupons for almost everything. For me if the coupon is from anything other than department and clothing stores I throw it away, I don’t have any use for those types of coupons.

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A very specific store that sends me coupons and greatly influences my decision to purchase is Victoria’s Secret. If I get a coupon in the mail from their magazine or through email saying if I spend $75 or more I get something for free, perfect! I am on my way to the mall as soon as I see that coupon. One of my favorite coupons to receive from them is the buy one bra and get the second one free. Victoria’s Secret bras are the best, of course, but they are so expensive. So when I get the opportunity to get two bras for the price of one I am all about it. It can even be something as simple as buy an item and get a free pair of underwear. Now I can get a cute pair of yoga pants and a cute pair of underwear for the price of  just the yoga pants. I am well aware that it’s just a trap to get me to come in and spend my money on overpriced clothing and then I get something for “free” in return, but I see it as a deal. Either way I’m going to go to Victoria’s Secret and spend money so might as well get something free while I’m at it, I have to take advantage of the deals when I can.

Another popular place for coupons is the grocery store. This is where coupons do not influence my decision. I have watched the extreme couponing show a few times and I just don’t understand the point of having forty packages of paper towels and twenty five cans of Campbell’s soup at one time. I have never in my life needed that many paper towels or cans of soup. All it does is waste storage space. Plus what is ever going to happen in my house where I need that many paper towels. It doesn’t make any sense to me. When I watch that show I never see people buying anything nutritional or healthy ever. It is always something like Hamburger Helper and other items filled with empty calories. Don’t get me wrong I am all for a bag of Doritos and a package of Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies but I don’t need ten of each at one time. First I have no self control for that and I’d probably eat all of it much faster than it should ever be consumed. Second there is just no need for all that, what’s the point? I guess if you’re having a party with a lot people coming over it makes sense but I feel your guests would like more variety than just chips and cookies. Unless a party is in the midst I don’t see the use of just having ten bags of chips and cookies stored in your basement. Plus the items worth buying in a grocery store don’t have coupons. Items like meat and fresh vegetables don’t have coupons because you’re not supposed to stock up on them. They are fresh for a reason and these are the main items we should be buying from a grocery store not a million packages of frozen dinners.

When it comes to coupons I use some but neglect a lot of them. If it’s a retail coupon I’m all about it and it completely influences my purchases. On the other hand if it is a grocery coupon I completely disregard it. Those coupons have no use to me so I don’t let them influence my decision of what I buy at the store.

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