I grew up in a country where the only way to come back from shopping without being broke is to have a good bargaining skill. I often got talked into paying double for clothes since there is no fixed price. So every time I went shopping I took my mom with me, because she will not pay one extra penny even if that means she has to walk an extra mile, which at the
time I hated but ended up being grateful for the extra money left in my pocket. The american way to bargain is getting coupon. And it doesn’t make any sense that if I can spend less money on things why would I spend more? Coupon do influence my purchase decisions greatly.

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I am a college student, working two jobs which is equivalent to 40 hours of work every week with sixteen hours of credit hours. I can barely pay my school tuition and textbooks. My father works over eighty hours to support our family of four people, but still it’s not enough.So, I work hard towards my degree, after paying my student bills, textbooks and helping my parents, the last thing I want is to pay extra for any product. The space under my bed is only to store products that I get on sale and purchased with coupons. So later I don’t have to buy them in full price. It saves money, it saves the last minute freak out when we have only one
roll of toilet paper. I work in a grocery store, so I am quite familiar with coupons.They do make a great difference. To save money I use sunday papers, store coupon, “I’m in” app and email newsletters. I use to go to website to website of my favorite stores to sign up and get promotional news but websites like “I’m in” make things so much easier. Instead of getting ten separate unnecessary email I get all of them at once. From amusement park to phone carrier, rent a car, retail, body care, grocery anything you name it are all in there, and you get notified and have them saved in your account. Which is much better than carrying a coupon book
after all we support going green. I always have products on stock and for cheaper price. I keep myself on track to not to spend more than certain amount for “coupon stock”. I live in a dorm where most students are like me and the new living situation sometimes overwhelm them so it’s very possible for them to forget to buy new shampoo or toothpaste.In emergencies like those often they buy the products they need from me which helps them out and also helps me.

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Holiday seasons can be very overwhelming with all kinds of sale and promotions the stores offer. It’s very convenient to buy a lot of products at the same time and it’s also cheaper. there’s always someone’s birthday, graduation, new job and holidays. You can’t go wrong with those body lotions, headphones that you stocked up during holiday sale. There’s
also some negative side to couponing. Often people don’t understand the difference between good deal and bad deal. Sometimes people get overwhelmed and buy things that they don’t need. The tricks on that is, how important that is. You may not need seven pair of hand socks
for yourself but you will always need toilet paper. Often times people buy certain product that they don’t need and instead of a save it becomes a waste. But depending on your budget it’s not a bad idea to try something new. I have got hooked into so many new products because of the coupon that was offered, I probably wouldn’t have bought if the coupon wasn’t offered. If I need to buy something, the first thing I do is go online to find coupon. If three minutes of research can save me one dollar, that’s more than my wage. If you think three minutes equivalent to one dollar, then one hour is equivalent to twenty dollars which is way more than what I earn from my job every hour.

when I think of coupon, I don’t think of them as pieces of papers, I imagine them little angels flying with dollars. I purchase products based on the savings I will have and coupons makes my decision easier. It helps me a lot and I would want to help anyone and everyone. if you think you don’t need to save those extra dollars, you can always donate them for great cause. Anybody who wants to save money and be always prepared I would encourage them to take advantage of coupons.