I guess you could call me your average couponer, clipping coupons every morning after the Sunday paper lands on my doorstep. Instead of a cup of coffee, I have a pile of coupons to take it’s place and instead of a bagel in my hand, I have my scissors ready, hungry for deals. To me coupons are like treasure and the thought of getting a deal leaves me with a giddy feeling like a girl who finds out her crush knows she exists.

I’m no extreme couponer, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten paid from my coupons just for buying random things like 57 bottles of ketchup or 84 tubes of toothpaste. The coupons I clip do not influence my buying decisions. If I think I’ll use a coupon, I will clip it and organize it into my mini file folder whose home belongs in my purse. If I don’t think I’ll use it, I will still clip it, organize it, and use it if it ever comes in handy.

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As an incoming college student, I realize my habit of clipping coupons will be extremely helpful within the next few years and most likely for the rest of my life. The giddy feeling of getting a deal will now be replaced by, “Wow I saved fifteen dollars from coupons, now I can eat pizza with friends.” But lord knows, I even have a coupon for the pizza place we decide to go to.

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Let’s say I save twenty-five dollars using coupons on things I normally purchase. That twenty-five dollars can now buy me a used book that I need for a class or a new charger because mine broke. Even if I only saved a few dollars, eventually those few dollars will add up each time I save. This is why coupons are so handy to me.

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If I let coupons influence my purchasing decisions, I wouldn’t be saving money now, would I?