Do coupons influence my family’s purchasing decisions? You have no idea what kind of impact coupons have on my family’s buying. My mother is very good at saving money. She finds coupons and deals wherever we shop. Reward clubs, weekend deals and your basic coupons all play a part in our daily spending. We are not a rich family. My father is a master sergeant in the U.S Army and gets payed a good amount of money. But he’s the only one working to support our family of four. My mother doesn’t work because my little brother Aiden has special needs and needs her full attention. So we are living off of one paycheck. Yet we can still live a semi-luxurious life with the careful planning of my frugal mother.

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When I mean careful planning, I mean careful spending. When I shop with my mom, she writes things down that we need and finds coupons to lower those particular items. If they’re not in the coupons, she uses the newspaper to see when they’re on sale. So either way we’re saving money. I almost feel sinful when I ask for things that are not on sale, I feel like I’m wasting money. I myself have a hard time remembering to use coupons and sometimes I’ll forget. Here’s a fun story. My father and I were out looking for a compression wrap for my ankle. We arrived at Sports Authority and start looking for this particular item. My mother had given us coupons and had reminded us to also use military discount (my dad and I seem to forget we can use it). We find what we’re looking for and head over to purchase this item. We pay for it and leave. We both get into the car and I immediately see the coupon, we hadn’t used it! I told my dad “We can’t go home without using this coupon, mom would give us hell!” My dad agreed, so we went back into the store bought some new socks with the coupon, almost getting them for free. I had to remind my dad to also use the military discount as well. When we finally started home, I told my dad “watch Mom ask if we used our coupon or not.” We both laughed and when we arrived home I was completely spot on. So thanks to my mom we we’re able to save money even without her. Another money saving story starts when I received my first car at the end of my junior year. I couldn’t just get gas anywhere like I thought I would, I had to get gas at Fred Myers because it was another money saving opportunity. With every purchase we receive  points which in turn can be used to save three or ten cents a gallon at the pump. I haven’t used any other gas station because then we wouldn’t be saving any money.

In conclusion, couponing does impact my family’s spending. We can save money thanks to the brilliant frugal mind of my mother, who can spot a sale a mile away. She has taught me a lot about spending, money saving and to almost never buy something full price because there’s bound to be a sale on it sooner or later. Couponing prevents our family from falling into the lower classes because Mom saves us so much money and on top of that, she’s active in many rewards clubs, which saves us even more. She’s no extreme couponer by any stretch of the imagination; she’s just a mother who wants to provide more for her family by spending less. I will always remember the life lessons she has taught me about spending wisely. I know that in the future these skills will help me save money in college and in life. Because with the right economical lens, a little money can go a long way.