Do coupons influence our purchasing decisions?  Some would say yes, others no, and one would say “coupons are ghetto”.  I believe that coupons can directly influence the decisions of buyers of all ages.  Have you ever been bored on a weekend and decided to look through the paper?  And whilst looking through said paper you just so happened to find a page of ads containing a 20$ coupon for that jacket you have been wanting.  And did you not rejoice in the fact that with this newly found scrap of paper you can finally get this leathery piece of clothing you have so desperately lusted for?  If you answered no you’re obviously no as thrifty as I.  Wouldn’t you rather save money on a purchase than buy the item for full price?  Not only is it logical, but economical.  If you use coupons I guarantee you will be saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year in purchases.  Imagine the money you’ll be saving that you can use to spend on other things.  Like paying off your car, or mortgage, or that loan shark you met at the pub last week.  The possibilities are endless!  People impulse buy all the time, in fact more often than not.  And those impulse buyers wind up with crippling debt more often than not as well.  But the thing is about these people, these gregarious capitalists, is that a good majority of them now completely forget about the existence of coupons.  Or if they are aware of these wondrous pages of discounted goods, they believe they are too good for coupons.  As if using them would downgrade their social status to that of a plebeian.  No one is above thriftiness, no matter who you are or what income you make.  But people have been put in the mind set that, if they use coupons others will think less of them as a result.  Which in some cases is an unfortunate truth.  It’s because we’ve taught our society that being poor makes you less of a person and seeking help makes you stupid.  So many people might see coupons as help for the poor; when in reality any level headed person would think coupons are coupons.  But this doesn’t discourage the shopper from buying the item they’ve been longing for, no, if anything I think seeing an ad or coupon for the desired product makes them want it that much more.  Some will be wise and clip the coupon and others will simply disregard it.  In short, coupons do influence our purchases.  But it’s all up to the shopper whether or not to recognize a good deal.

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