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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Ruth V.

Coupons for Life

Coupons have become part of my reason for shopping. I have never enjoyed shopping much, but when I discovered the “game” of shopping with sales and coupons, it has become a lot more fun. I also spend a lot less on groceries than most people do. First, I collect coupons from the paper and local store mailings, then I look at weekly store adds. I match the sales to the coupons I have on hand, as long as they are items that I use. I plan my meals and cook by whatever I get on sale. I also use digital coupons from my favorite stores. Most of my receipts show about a 50% savings using these methods. Lately, if there are products on sale for which I do not have a coupon, I search the web for coupon or manufacturer sites that have coupon. While it would be easy to stockpile or spend a lot more money than I should, limiting myself to the items I can buy both with coupons and within the budget helps me cut out items I don’t really need. Except produce or special diet requirements, I always wait for a sale and coupon combination or make do with something that is on sale. This helps me both spend less money and have more fun shopping!

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