Simply put: coupons influence my purchasing decisions. Not only am I getting discounts for items but also at the cost of a piece of paper! People who say coupons do not influence their purchasing decision is a liar.

Looking through magazines and newspapers one can see several sales and deals with big bold numbers saying “Deal!” those numbers are emphasized because in reality people are looking for an affordable price to get items. I know that when I was younger and looking through store catalogs I would also look at the price before knowing what the product was. That type of frivolousness is engrained in many people’s heads just because of the contrasting colors of the catalogs and the prices. If I saw a low number in the electronics section then I feel compelled to get that item because: 1. It’s an electronic and I’m a nerd and 2. If the number is seemingly low to me then it has to be a deal. These points lead me back to the topic question which my answer is yes coupons do influence my purchasing decision.

I want to be able to get a good deal for electronics, school supplies, and much more. More often than not with a bit of internet searching I am able to find a coupon for an item I really could use in school.

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As a college student my frugality is off the charts. I try to find the cheapest things at good will and the best deals from store catalogs. In order to urge myself to spend I must ask myself how often do I see myself using this item? If it is for school then I will find myself using that item a lot and if I’m not going to use it then my roommate will most likely use it since he likes to use as many resources as he can in school. With coupons I feel more sound when buying items since I know that I am getting them at a better deal than the original price.

I am a gamer and I must admit I am incredibly nerdy when it comes to PC games on steam. Steam being the provider of games onlines similar to a Gamestop in real life. I find coupons to be synonymous with deals from video games. When I know that I am getting my money’s worth by spending less on something I feel a sense of accomplishment. Although I do not have a lot of money to spend, being able to spend not full price on a game makes me feel like I have saved a billion dollars even though in reality I have saved probably $3. But it is the mini accomplishments that make using coupons and finding deals that compel me to be influenced by them. If I feel that what I am getting is my money’s worth then heck yes I will gladly spend some of my saved up money to get a deal.

I remember when I was younger whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom she would always want me to get coupons for her at the store. I did not truly understand what I was doing but all I know was that I was helping my mom and as a child that’s all you want to do for your parents, make them happy because they make you happy. I would get coupons and my mother would use them when we were checking out and it was cool to see that my hard work was actually being noticed! My mother would thank me for saving our family money. A sense of pride would overcome me and I wanted nothing more to do than get coupons in order to help out my family! My father was in the Navy so I felt I was the next person in line in order to provide for the family (even though he was the one really providing) I still felt that my duty is to make sure my mom is happy and if that means getting coupons then I will!

Getting coupons makes affects my choice on purchasing things. If a deal is a deal then it would be a crime to pass up a deal. I am saving money and in the end that is what really matters for college kids.