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Coupons to the undiscerning eye are fickle things.  They either sulk on glossy paper, hovering under a dollar amount, or they explode in bright colors online and off, doing their best to serve as cheerleaders for a brand name team.  Coupons are the friends that take some time to truly appreciate; once they have a chance to prove themselves, you know that you are in for the long haul together.

As a student seeking a graduate degree, I have quite the history of using coupons.  In the academic atmosphere, life is not low-cost; between tuition prices and supporting a healthy lifestyle, it is often difficult to make ends meet.  Needs are sliced down to a minimum in this environment, meaning any purchase made is a result of much deliberation.  This is where coupons enter the scene.  When faced with the choice of two products, I will always pick the product for which I have a coupon.  Though the other product might have qualities that I appreciate more, the product with a coupon will both suffice and save money.  It is often difficult to let go of a product that I want more, but wants are often laid to the side in order to stay afloat financially.

It is a hard lesson to learn that any small amount saved is worth something.  Though it is much easier to make a purchase without doing research to find coupons and it can be discouraging to only find a coupon for a modest amount, these pieces saved make for a worthwhile reward in the end.  As I was honing my budgeting skills, I often wondered if coupons truly made a difference.  Once I began to actively compile the savings, however, my mind was quickly changed.  Ten dollar-amount coupons meant a dinner out with a friend, an English-Italian dictionary for a class, a trip to the movies, or a significant step toward paying interest on a loan.  Why pass up a chance to add some fun into a weekend or some peace of mind?  With a little large-picture thinking, it became clear how important it is to save whenever possible.

Coupons also open up opportunities within the monotony of a strict budget.  Without coupons, I would never be able to buy from some of my favorite brands.  I am comfortable making purchases from these companies with a coupon because it levels the price field.  I am much more likely to buy from one of these brands when they are discounted because I know that the quality is higher than something within the price range I can normally afford.  In this line of thinking, the purchase becomes an investment for me, thus reassuring my nagging budget.

In a similar vein, coupons allow me to have the odd indulgence without threatening my finances.  If I decide to treat myself to a piece of clothing or an event of some sort, my first instinct is to search for any possible deal.  I am a member of several coupon sites and services, so I will often find something that suits whatever that particular indulgence is on one of them.  In this way, I get both the excitement of being able to spend money on something that I want and the comfort of knowing that it was not as expensive as it normally would have been.

Coupons clearly have a large impact on my spending habits, as I make a point of using them whenever possible.  It seems natural to me now to find the best deal possible whenever I consider making a purchase because it is well worth the time and effort to do so.  Whatever money I save by using coupons gives me the joy of knowing that I can afford something else that I might need (or want) later.  Without their help, I would have significantly less to look forward to, which, as a student, is what I hold dearest.