When my mother first told me that I could get 4 packages of ramen noodles for a dollar, and a whole gourmet deep-dish pizza for 5$, I really didn’t believe her. As of this year, things have never been the same. She use to always say to me as a child, “Put that back, get the one that’s under the coupon,” Whenever we were at the store. Now I know why. In today’s economy, some products are better to get discounts for, especially if it is a foodstuff or clothing. In these two areas, I exclusively balance myself where I can get in a position to use a coupon. I’ve never seen so many saved dollars in my life. If you can organize them, they can be a binder or a notebook of walking saved money. I calculated once on a store trip on how much I had saved with a purchase of 200$ worth of groceries. Sticking to original brands, I saved 77$ in total off of everything that I had bought, and with that said, the money can be used in other areas. The power coupons have on my shopping decisions is tremendous, and hopefully they can benefit you in the short term and long term as well.

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With today’s current technology, coupons are available anywhere. No longer are they just a walk in store thing, people in rural areas have even been able to cash in on the great savings they offer via means online and though the introduction of the common household printer. Now any person can walk into a print shop or workstation and print a coupon right off of their smartphone, you’re literally saving money with a few swipes of your fingers. My purchasing decisions everyday are almost dictated to printing off coupons from my phone and using my phone to scan savings. If I didn’t mention before, coupons can now also be scanned digitally and rescanned at the checkout counter in many retailers. With this sort of technology, it gives us as the consumers more power to pick and choose what stores we want to go to based on deals through coupons, which is almost an entire improvement from the pre-2000’s consumer mindset. Point is, times are changing, and your ability to save money is stronger than ever so why not cash in on these fantastic savings?

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But then there is the argument against them, “They’re too troublesome.” Or “3$ off doesn’t really add up that much.” I’ve even heard the occasional, “money does not matter to me in this store.” Well, I guess if you’re too lazy to save yourself some money, I guess purchasing power does not mean a lot to you. However, from what I’ve seen, from all the money that you save on products, you can save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars each year just by just cultivating a coupon book of your own. Sure, you might be the person that everyone rolls their eyes at in the front of the line, but hey, you can walk away knowing you saved yourself some money in the long run. Money that could be used for anything, why not treat yourself on a getaway to relieve stress or make a car payment?

All in all, at the end of the day your job is to save money anywhere you can. 79.8% of regular shopping Americans use coupons in their shopping ventures, so why not fill in the gap and join in on the savings. These are Americans in all walks of life, upper and lower class, using their purchasing power with coupons to save money. The money can go towards anything you want, all you have to do is pick up your smartphone, computer mouse, or head over to your supermarket or favorite stores. Remember, the only thing holding you back from saving money is yourself!