Coupons are a big part of my purchasing decisions.  With a family of 3 on a budget and only getting paid every 2 weeks, any little bit you can save helps.  My daughter is in the 4th grade and during the school year coupons help out on all the things she has to have.  Breakfast, taking her lunch to school, daily snack to have in class, juice boxes, snack cakes, etc… Coupson help me be able to afford to buy all these extra things that she has to have on a daily basis compared to the summer time when you can get by with not having to buy a much.  We also have 3 pets, so coupons help me be able to save some on the cost of their food as well.  And not only for things for my daughter, but every day things we use at the house like laundry detergent, trash bags, food items, coupons help us save so we can use what we save on every day things to put towards bills, school trips or our daughter, gas, just anything and everything that we need to survive on a daily basis.  It may only be 50 cents to some people but over time that adds up and it really does make a difference to families that have to spend wisely!

A note from us at I’m In:  We offer lots of ways for you to save on groceries at I’m In!