Coupons are a very influential part of how shopping happens online. In the information  below, am going to show you how coupons impact shoppers and their purchasing decisions. Those Coupons really do matter. About half percent of people in the united states is ¼  of people do and don’t use coupons because, basically there are rich and poor people. As myself I agree coupon do influence on purchasing on things on  shopping, food, online and other kinds of area of buying. Also as myself as a child my family were very poor when I was a little girl my mother had to work three jobs while my father was, active duty army. Have not seen my father at the age of six yes its very disappointing. Knowing my father was very young when he started to meet my mother. Anyways my mother would receive food stamps and coupons and we used those like crazy.  Coupons have been a blessing for me because, brings relief to our self. Now that as myself as a senior I have a job and am still using coupons. Going  to a food a store looking at other people that having a struggle is very sad. But those coupons has been a influence. In the past, it was thought that consumers were more interested in remaining loyal to a particular product or brand. Actually, that might have been the case for people like your parents, or even your grandparents. However, that’s all changed, and it’s largely based on the fact that retailers have really grasped the importance of offering customers a great deal with the right coupons. Some people use them more often, and there are even some who won’t purchase items without a coupon code. They will relentlessly search until they find a comparable product that’s offered at a better price, or with a coupon. Eventually coupons are still have and been using around the world, and also the poor people that live on the street might used those to eat for themselves and there family. And right now in united states its really hard to get a job and these people well having babies and basically don’t have anymore money so that why using coupons that well influence those people. Another things food shelter we also used food stamps because, its cheaper even through there is thousands of people well used coupons. Agree on coupons do influence people also we don’t have to used so much money into this crazy world.

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