I would have to say that coupons for many people including myself, influence purchasing decisions. Being an upcoming college student, it is so important to save as much money as possible and to spend wisely. However, when dealing with the food choices us college students have to choose from, we could tend to splurge on more nutritious items rather than the old Ramen Noodle route. Therefore, when given the option of coupons, a discount on a food item would definitely influence my decision to buy the particular item.

When given a gift card for any occasion, I will use it, no matter the place it is particularly for. You’re basically receiving money to spend on whatever you like at this one particular place. Coupons are similar in so many ways. When you receive a coupon for say, ketchup, but it isn’t the brand you usually buy, would you use it? Most people would. If that coupon made ketchup two dollars cheaper and it probably tastes similar if not the same, then why not? In fact, 79.8% of consumers regularly shopped with coupons in 2012. So obviously their decision to pick up the coupons and shop with them accordingly was influenced.

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When we shop and we are deciding what to buy, we shop according to need and want based knowledge. I need these vegetables, but I want this cookie mix to make some sweets for my roommates. Now, when shopping, we do tend to go for need based items, because without our basic necessities, our health will not flourish. But, if we were to receive a coupon giving us a dollar off that cookie mix, our decision to buy it would be tweaked and we would most likely go for it. Fact: people take advantage of opportunities to get ahead for themselves.  hat is what coupons do, they present opportunities to people, otherwise what’s the point? The opportunity to buy something for cheaper than it would usually sell for would definitely point me in the direction of my wallet, thus, leading me to purchase the item on my coupon.

Freshmen fifteen is of the most popular college downside. You hear so many stories of young adults that are exposed to fattening meals, and gain excessive amounts of weight because they don’t have anyone telling them to eat healthy anymore, and they really don’t have the money to buy the nutritious foods required to maintain healthy. I believe that if college students are exposed to coupons for healthier foods, it would influence their purchases to hopefully, something with more nutritional value. They would see that they would be getting money off of something that would not only make them feel better, but look better as well. Who wouldn’t use a coupon that gave them that?

As I have said in preceding paragraphs, coupons would influence my decision to purchase an item. I am an upcoming, nervous college student that plans to focus on my swimming career and academic life in the following four years. College is no joke. With both of my parents working steady jobs with a stable income, we still cannot afford it. I am really looking for the biggest scholarship I can get with the grades I have worked hard to get, the dedication I can show through my swimming abilities on any college team, and the many other random scholarships I have and plan to apply for. The last thing my parents or I need when I go off to college is to have to spend an excessive amount of money on food and appliances for my basic needs. The struggle to foresee the debt that will be hanging over the three of us is unreal, and the one thing that we can really control is how much we spend in the future, where we put that money, and what we spend that money on. Nevertheless, money is important, and coupons for anything make that money worth spending.

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