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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Raveena B.

Money has become the new American Dream. It’s even fair to say that money is the indicator of success in America now. The American Dream was originally founded on the principles of working hard to find success. Standard novels such as The Death of Salesman and The Great Gatsby depict the corrupt nature of the American Dream. In The Death of Salesman, Willy Lowman was obsessed with being well-liked based on his children’s success and the success of his sales.  Jay Gatsby based his success on making himself a man made of money and glamour in hopes to attract the love of his life in The Great Gatsby. These two main characters lived their lives based on the idea that money can ultimately bring success. These fictional characters exist in our society today.

Since money has become an important factor to the survival and success of our lives, it is only natural that we protect the money we earn. Personally, coupons highly influence my purchasing decision. Coupons give us the luxury to protect our money. Not because I believe money is an indicator of my success, but because money is important to my survival in society. Coupons are the savior of money conscious individuals. The benefits of coupons are incredible. Coupons give the customer the opportunity to protect their money while still purchasing necessary items. It is a win-win situation. I actively seek out the opportunity to use coupons to save on my daily expenses in life for inelastic demands.

However, coupons are also a competitive market. That statement is funny, “coupons are a competitive market”, but it is true. Intelligent companies see the desire within humans to save our money; therefore they will use coupons to propel the sale of their product. Using coupons as a selling tactic can be a beneficial move for a company and can increase customer loyalty if their company provides the best prices along with coupons. Due to this competitive market, coupons have a strong influence on my purchasing power. As a customer, I am looking for the best deals on quality products that will fulfill my everyday needs. I am not ashamed to say that I spend a significant amount of time looking up similar products coupons options to decipher which coupon gives me the most product for my money. As I stated before, my money is a prized possession and I want to spend it wisely and have it prove to be effective on a day to day basis.

The possession of a coupon or lack thereof can hinder my decision to purchase certain products. Through my extensive coupon hunting endeavors in the Sunday paper and the internet, I know the benefits of certain coupons. Therefore, if I don’t have coupons for certain products that could save me a significant amount of money, I will not buy that product. Yes that seems a tad ridiculous, because in the end I save up to two dollars per product, however money adds up over time. I go grocery shopping once a week. In one month I could save 10 dollars on an inelastic product. Those 10 dollars can be added to a travel fund, lunch with an old friend etc. That saved money could go to a project that is bigger than everyday life.

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The power of couponing is in the long term benefits. The benefits of saving money on inelastic products can prove to be very beneficial. In addition, couponing can create new customer relationship and build customer loyalty for companies based on their pricing and coupons offered. For couponing to really effect the purchasing power of a customer, the customer has to realize the effectiveness and benefits that couponing can have on their lives. Again, people might say couponing is waste of time. However in the society we live in, couponing is the most effective and efficient way to protect our money which guarantee’s us survival in this society.

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